(Suggestion) Automated Tournaments

In Starcraft there is a thing called “Automated tournaments” which I think would be a great addition to Faeria.

Basically in the client you can see a countdown timer saying “Tournament starts in 2 hours and 5 minutes” and then a button saying “Sign up for tournament!”. Nothing else required! You will always be put in a bracket with people of similar skill. There are multiple small tournaments with (i think) 8 ppl each running simultaneously, so there can be multiple winners every day. In Starcraft I think tournaments start every 3 hours, so people can always enjoy it without having to stay up the entire night or change their schedule too much to find the time. This will ofcourse be difficult in Faeria with the current playerpool, but by playing around with the numbers I think it could be a very nice addition! And the playerbase will grow over time :slight_smile:
When the tournament starts, everyone just play their opponent, if they win they get put into the next match etc. These tournaments are small and often, and give cosmetic rewards. Could be fun! Here is some more info:


Hi @J0k3se ! Thanks for your input and this is exactly the vision that we have for our in-game tournament mode.

I, unfortunately, can’t at this time tell you more though :wink:

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Glad to hear it @kizashi :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work!