[SUGGESTION/BUG] With Rapala Lvl. 10 Epic Mission

I have a problem with this match… ive tried too many times with different decks but im still losing against the narrator card, im thinking that its a Bug, because he summons 1 narrator and the first time, it deals something like 5 dmg plus 2 for some reason… is supposed to only do 2 damage due to 2 cards that i cant draw, okay… its not a big problem, BUT the second time that he summons the narrator it deals like 9 dmg plus 7, and its reaaaaly hard to fight against that, even with a green heal deck, you just have 7 cards to win, and you just have +3 faeria per turn plus fountains, and each turn, it deals something like 3 another dmg or more because their drawing cards, plus the exagerated dmg of the narrator, please give me tips or fix the difficulty. Thank you

It is not a bug. The reason why you take so much damage is that when you draw from an empty deck, you always take doubled damage that you took when you drew last time. This is called fatigue damage, and it goes like:

0 - 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 …and so on.

The idea of this quest is to win before Rapala does the second Storyteller turn and kills you with the fatigue damage. Many people seem to have problems with this quest, and I posted my strategy on this Reddit thread. It worked for me in less than 10 tries.

Thank you, ive tried too many times, and i already saw your deck, but i dont know, its still really hard x_x, i will try more times n_n thanks

@Roni Fatigue damages are 1-2-3-4-5-etc I think.
@Bunny I tried yesterday with sacrifice green-yellow deck, then sacrifice blue-yellow deck. Both of them were far too slow. I tried then with rush mono-yellow, but couldn’t kill Rapala before the 4th turn. Lastly, I tried a mono-red burn deck, and killed him after 5 trials.
Here is my list if you want to try :

You need to have in your first 3 cards (T1) : one flame spitter (costs 1 mountain + 3 Faerias, u can put it at once).
You need to have in your 9 cards (T2) : one flame thrower, two kobold barracks, one flame burst (to put directly on his orb), one or two blood obelisk, one or two blood-singers, and one, two or three rebel slingers or Seifer’s wrath (better seifer’s wrath).
Blood-singers and rebel slingers can kill court jesters (and damage opponent’s orb with blood-singers and blood obelisks special powers). You don’t need to come right near his orb, he will come to you anyway. But you need to spend your first 3 turns to put 3 mountains, so you can put your flame-thrower just in front of your orb (and 2 kobold barracks just near).
You can surrend fastly if you have not this 9 cards-hand at T2, in order not to loose time.