Suggestion: Buying Emotes

What do you guys think about having an option added to buy emotes for an Avatar if you own it. I opened about 20 mythic chests, got many avatars, orbs, well but no emotes. I heard that they drop, but never saw one.

I propose to add a button to the avatar with custom emotes, to have an option to buy them (for gems or gold). The price shouldn’t be too high, as you own the avatar already (I would say 250 gems/3750 gold).


what if you could craft them

They would be the only cosmetic you can craft, and that would be weird.

I would rather see a system wherein you can unlock emotes by completing X games with said avatar, or doing other fun challenges related to the avatar itself.


@Galileus Leveling up your avatar to get new emotes would be a cool idea and reward players who enjoy playing using a certain one. I agree with Galileus. People should be rewarded for playing with specific avatars


That would be nice :slight_smile:

The prices you suggested are too cheap, when you consider how much a complete set go for now - 7500 gems. That’s overpriced but even if they half the price, emotes will still cost more than 250 gems.

I agree that emotes really add a lot of enjoyment to the game and Abrakam shouldn’t hoard it so that only big spending players get to use it. Variety is also lacking too, only 6 at most?! That’s kind of embarrassing.

So true. Especially since it is the only way to communicate with your opponent.
On the other hand I wouldnt know what more I would want to express than the current ones.

More emotes could be:

That was close!
Thank you.
Are you kidding me?
Are you sure?
Let’s play again!
No I don’t think so.
That was fun!
Oh no, I made a mistake.
Your move was a mistake.
(oops - that was a mistake is kind of confusing, I don’t know which move was a mistake, yours or mine?)


On Reddit I saw a post too where users wondered where you get emotes from other than the sets.
I never saw a post or read something that a player got it from a random drop :confused:
I hope we get clarification on this

More importantly… Why is Decabytes stealing all me likes!?

Care to explain yourself, @Decabytes?



@Galileus I was on mobile. Thought I replied directly to you. It was meant to echo that your idea was a good one.

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I don’t agree that you should be awarded for playing specific avatars; I want to have the freedom to choose whatever cosmetic I like.

I really agree with the idea of custom emotes that would cost gems and gold because it allows me to make a custom taunt of add emotes to the game that the devs diddn’t think of like “thanks.”

Now, that is a message I can agree with! Just in case though, I was joking :wink:

As for your comment, @Autocad - what stops you from playing how you like? If you don’t want to play with an avatar, don’t play with it - you won’t miss the cosmetic rewards for it anyway. On the other hand, do you dislike daily quests, because they ask you to play in a specific way?

Hah okay. I didn’t want you to think I was claiming the idea for my own. I try to be an honest forum user. Everyone deserves their fair share of :heart:

My version:
What’s up
Your fire will not go out
Amazing lucker
That was a miss click
Well topdeck
Look a rush we need to nerf it asap!
My chair is on fire!

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I like the fire and rush :smiley: Miss click is useful too.

Some more:

Hereeee’s (comes) Santa (trouble)! :laughing: (not sure where I am going with this…, three wishes?)
OMG What is that thing?!

Lucky Draw. Sorry!
You deserved to win. I got lucky.
You got me, I got nothing.
You rekt me so hard.
I knew he(it) is hiding around somewhere.
You have decided to come to the party.
Oh no. Not Again!
Oooohhh, I am so scaaareeed!
What! What just happened?!
I didn’t know you can do that!
Man, this is NOT my day.
That is OP.

:sweat_smile: Not sure where I am going with some of these. Should include some with Faeria lingo too, but I am not well versed in those.

Yesterday, I was in a situation where I needed to answer the door, but had no way of telling that to my opponent, so I had to surrender…

An “I’ve got to go!” emote would have been super helpful, just for the sake of politeness!

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