[suggestion] Choosing a pandora run type after drafting

It’s not a secret that quality of drafted decks may vary drastically. And it’s not a secret that human opponents are generally way less forgiving than AI ones. Sometimes you draft a deck that is just too good for solo mode, and sometimes you choose multiplayer and feel mentally prepared for 0-3 after the last card is picked. So probably the overall level of entertainment can be increeased by allowing people to choose solo or multiplayer mode after draft.


Im doubtful if that would increase the entertainment level. Randomness of a draft is a balancing factor. If you were able to “scrap” bad drafts into single player, PvP drafts would become much harder and get an entry level. People who don’t enjoy solo pandora would be forced to scrap their bad drafts into good drafts of people who don’t mind min-maxing. Not a lot of enjoyment for them.

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That’s a fair point. Should consider levels of amusement from different types of content for different people. Actually, now I’m obsessed with idea to create some sort of “general happiness model” for this particular aspect of the game. I hope I’ll be able to make something that doesn’t include too many doubtful conjectures.

Yes, in a fact, when I gather a deck in Pandora but think it is far from best, I can hope , that someone was the same unlucky as I am and the game will go all right. Yesterday had a deck in Pandora test that was far from good but managed to win twice with it, to my great astonishment and joy.

I’m personally against the stance that swingyness = balance. For every inexperienced player that has a chance because they lucked out in draft there is one who gets totally destroyed because they had a horrible draft. And an experienced player that lucks into a great draft becomes that much more unbeatable.

That said, I’m not sure how much choosing who you’re playing after would help. It allows you to not ‘waste’ your coin but also makes it so that the ‘correct’ thing to do could be to play a mode you’re not that interested in. Which risks making the whole run more of a chore.

More than anything I think the good/bad draft inequity can/should be handled by matchmaking. My understanding, though don’t remember the source, is that matches are roughly made based on how many games you’ve won with your deck and your level. Which should work out so that inexperienced players with bad drafts have a chance to run up against equally unfortunate drafts and really good decks should eventually be playing only other successful decks.

I for one would be fascinated to see such a model…

I don’t like this.
I think that it would be worse for those that don’t care about solo play.

You’ll have:

  • Multi-only with good decks.
  • Multi-only with bad decks.
  • Multi/solo with good decks.

Which seems unfair.