[SUGGESTION] Deck Building Improvement ideas


First of all, I apologize in advance as English is not my primary language.

I thought the following ideas could be great additions to the game with regards to the deck creation:

  • add the colors used in the deck directly on each deck preview
  • add a copy option of a deck to create a new one (and avoid then to re-create from scratch)
  • possibility for the player to choose the thumbnail (as we may currently get the same one with different decks)
  • have a small chart representing the number of creatures/spells/buildings
  • include a “Mulligan simulator” to predict the first hand chance
  • add a “sharing option” in order to generate a customized link in order to send someone else your deck

Thank you for your consideration, the game is awesome :slight_smile:


Also there should be a tab or button to allow you to choose to view cards by rarity, very annoying when you trying to find Legendarys or other specific rarity types and you have to instead go through each card one by one.


Great ideas!
Also I’d appreciate a search option for specific card characteristics, such as “show all creatures with hp > 3”. Right now, you can onĺy search for text on the card.
Also, an “OR” / “AND” Option for the search bar would be great, especially as the collection increases. :slight_smile:

And please also add the possibility to show a list of all cards, instead of only list a specific color.


Would be nice to sort/filter our decks by the way

This is my most wanted change Hahaha
And i don’t think is that difficult to pull it off.

I’d like a 2 columns list, with longer names and the amount of land required by the deck.
Something like this