[Suggestion] Display our current decklist while we wait for opponents

The waiting time for games in Faeria is pretty good. However it occasionally goes over a minute, and there’s nothing going on in the screen during that time. It would be nice to have some info show up while we wait. In particular, I think this is the perfect time to remind the player what is actually in the deck they’re about to play with.

On a few occasions where time has been short I’ve booted up and rushed into a game (the fact that you can jump in quick is certainly good thing), only to realise in the match that I can’t remember if my Gift of Steel (etc.) will show up and save the day.


I agree. Actually it would be good if we can actually see what cards are in the deck before choosing the deck to play. I often can’t remember what’s in them but there is no way to see what’s inside the decks so had to get out of the play/battle menu and go back to card collection screen.

I know it’s only a small thing but not being able to see what cards are in the decks before choosing them doesn’t make sense.

You can still navigate the menus while queuing. I’m pretty sure it would warn you about resetting the queue if you try to get into deck builder though, since obviously they don’t want you to mess with saveable progress while you can be snatched for a game any time.

That means you could fix the issue in OP and improve the deck builder side in general by adding “INFO” button next to “EDIT” when hovering over a deck - linking to a stats page about the deck, which would obviously include the card list. You could also put some more useful info in there, such as land counts or exact mana curve, possibly even deck lifetime stats, such win ratio or average length of a winning/loosing match (separated into lifetime and since last edit, obviously)