Suggestion: In crafting, turn Mythic Off

Have Mythic Cards turned off by default, requiring them to be switched on, not the other way around. I found navigating crafting really confusing until I worked out how to switch them off (new player me).


Agree; at least, have the last used view be sticky, i.e. the default next time entering crafting

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I like both of the above suggestions.

Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve implemented this change and it should be in the next update.

(Mythics no longer are turned on by default in the crafting menu)


Being new, I am trying to find out how to craft a mythic card.
I read somewhere that one should check a box near the field button, but cannot find it.
another comment said that one should use the magnifying glass in there top right corner.
I can’t find none of those.
How should the daily task then be executed?

It’s next to the desert icon at the top, to the right. It’s dimmed so hard to notice. I couldn’t find it either when I started.

thanks, found it