[Suggestion] List of Quality of Life Improvements

Hey guys. I know you probably get a lot of people asking for features, so in this thread I’ll try to keep a list of small things that can hopefully result in good improvements. This is not about big features, but rather quality of life things that make the game clearer, easier to follow and more enjoyable.


-having a turn counter somewhere; seriously this would help a lot to keep track of things and also to better assess deck performance

-land in the event log; we see +1 and draw a card, but land is not registered; why?


-being able to put a card we don’t have as a “phantom card”. I’ll explain; this would functunally serve as a memo for what card you wanted to put in the deck. Often I make decks and leave a slot open because I don’t have the cards for it, but when I come back I forgot which cards I needed. Also, if you can put phantom cards in a deck, this can pave the way for future deck sharing and so on.

-better search; search by rarity, by ability, etc

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-buy N chests this is a minor beef, but why sell 1, 2 or 5? just have one “buy chests” and input any number


-creatures and events counter please; There is enough space left, there are cool things that can be done with the deck building interface


-hide offline option

-categories, and separation between sugegstions, friends, pending requests, etc

Please feel free to add your own suggestions


Move the lock symbol so it doesn’t cover how many cards remain in your collection.

–Open Chests–
“You own X of this card” should combine (or at least show) your total for standard and mythics of the card.
Buying chests from this screen should take fewer clicks, the “transaction complete” confirmation is unnecessary


  • Add the option to make the card counter permanent


  • Add the option to craft a card during deck building
  • Add the option to select manually the image for the deck

Really like these suggestions, I hope the devs will make everything the best by the time the game hits 1.0, or 1.1.

I would only have a graphical suggestion to make the game look even better, by far not as practical and useful thing as you guys have mentioned.

Same coloured lands would merge together if placed to each other, for example two lakes would make a bigger lake, three forests would make a more dense forest, etc.


  • Ability to simultaneously queue a ranked and a casual deck. I was really pleased to see the way the two modes have been merged to improve queue times, but the way that it’s set up now, not having this functionality feels awkward.

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  • Ability to buy Pandora Coins in advance.

  • Details for custom emotes.

  • Custom wheels? Not really quality of life, but it would be nice. Alternate card art (some of the old art will be missed) would also be good.


  • Show the available season rewards and what you need to do to get them. If they’re not designed yet, at least show which ranks and Pandora points will result in exclusive rewards. I remember before the new Pandora ranking system, reading online that there would were seasonal ranked rewards, so I climbed to rank 5 in Pandora and got nothing! It would be really nice to have some in-game clarity.

@Amaznazaz Pandora Season Rewards might be nice to see in game, but in the mean time they are spelled out here: https://esports.faeria.com/pandora-season

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  • alternate lands ! That would be awesome ! It was an idea given in the Kickstarter : there could be some alternate set of lands, for example the snowy one that was present before early access.

I can’t find back the snowy-lands :sob:

And I agree with Amaznazaz : custom wheels and alternate card art would be great !

A wheel that would look as mysterious as the ancient one :heart_eyes: