[Suggestion] new Legends

Now, all rush and midrange decks witch have godrank level have not own legends unless Yellow rush w Khalim. I think its problem for game because same decks build up so easy and these decks may be very strong. So add few new Legends for these archetypes. This should add motivation for collecting and solve this problem.

I really disagree.

People like to have inexpensive top-tier decks when they start playing a game. Getting to play these decks and having a positive win-rate will encourage them to play more of the game and at some point they will want to experience other decks which have a higher entry cost.

Getting this right is one of the hats-off things about Faeria, which separates it from the usual greedy pay-to-win CCG business model… though there are actually some pretty OP legendaries like Seifer, Aurora and Khalim. Imo legendaries should be more fun, intriguing and challenging to use, rather than being stronger than other cards.

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Y Rush still top-tear deck and without Khalim, but I am really wanted him in my deck and as a result played more. Legendary in deck like cherry on cake… And one Legendary per abstract deck actually not expensively.

Newbies should learn to play and low-cost strong decks imho can’t help strongly raise them win-rate.