Suggestion - New Monthly Card Reward

I was delighted to read in the latest Faeria Friday that the team is hard at work developing the next set of cards. I have a suggestion intended to keep the meta fresh, while encouraging a steady and engaged player base: a new monthly card reward. What does that mean?

Every month, mid-season, Faeria Friday would announce a single brand new card to be released as a reward to start the next season with. The number of copies each player receives is based on how far they’ve advanced in Ranked (or even Pandora) modes.

As an incentive for players to try the card out, you could offer specific monthly quests, such as “Win X games with Growling Rabbit” or “Play Growling Rabbit X times”. Similar to adding the Adventure Pouch icon to the home screen, you could add an animated version of that creature to the forest. It would, essentially, be the “creature/event/structure of the month” and you could even add lore to get players thinking beyond just stats and how it might shake the current meta. The monthly cards could even reflect the seasons (snow creature for winter, beach creature for summer).

I mention this because one of the key aspects that keeps me engaged in Faeria is the extraordinary effort that’s gone into developing a versatile “core” card base. Faeria focuses on quality over quantity - and that means a lot to me. I’m often turned off by other CCGs that release massive expansions because it’s just too overwhelming for me to keep up. I really appreciate the frequent Deck Doctors, Card Spotlights, and Metashakers offered here on the Hub. They’re a constant reminder of how deep the current core set is.

Anyway, just a thought. I’m so grateful for the thoughtful and considerate engagement of the developers and community. I may be missing something obvious about why this isn’t a good idea, so feel free to offer feedback. Otherwise, see you in game :smiley:

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