Suggestion of punishment

Sometimes when I play the game I will meet a situation, when my opponent is disadvantaged, he just push the “exit” button and quit the game. Then I should wait 120 seconds to finish the game. It’s really terrible. If his or her Internet connect is not so good and lose the connection. It’s ok and can be forgiven. So I just suggest, if someone’s game is not finished and he or she push the “exit” button to quit the game (of course in multiplayer game), in this situation should be punished. The punishment can be, for example, several hours can not join any game.

A punishment already exists in the game. When a player waits for a turn without making a move, their timer gets reduced to 10 seconds, while their opponent’s timer remains at 40.

It’s very hard to determine whether someone really lost connection or just quit. I suggest a new tutorial mission showing new players where the Surrender button is. Or even just a new arrow with a pop-up message.

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Yes, I remember personally struggling to find where the Surrender button was too, so I just played on until I eventually found it.

I have to agree with the first post. This is the one thing that made me leave the game a few months back. Decided to try it out again this last few weeks. What happens, I get a guy, Shadowick, who run out the clock every single turn. Now some people may have time to waste watching a screen, but I dont.

Something has to be done about these timewasters. Its spoiling a pretty good game.

You can alt-tab out and do other stuff when someone does that. I know I do.

The big problem with the suggestion is that there are cetain visual or clicking bugs which require the player to exit and reload the client. If this suggestion was to be implemented then a player who had those issues would be punished for something that is beyond their control. Just take the free win and move on, the minor annoyance isn’t worth potentially punishing other players for no reason.

The allowed time to play is too much imo.

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