Suggestion on how to enhance the Pandora Opened state

When the five shards are gathered and combined, the Pandora Opens. Right now that means that the wells stop to produce faeria and every player starts to get 6 faeria a turn instead of the default 3.

While this can speed up a game due to the fact both players could do more in each of their turns, it makes the game less strategic, as you lose the benefits of board control and gaining control over the wells.

What I propose: in addition to the current state (6 faeria per turn, although it should be balanced for both players), it would be super cool to replace the faeria from wells with something else.

The most interesting and balanced thing in my opinion would be for the wells to generate cards instead of faeria. Of course, not random cards, but just the “draw a card” effect.

This way by controlling the wells you would get not faeria advantage, but the cards one. This would mean you could mine wells for more answers and it would surely speed up the game as it would mean milling the decks really fast. And it would be also interesting, as this means you’ll need sometimes to avoid wells or play tricks to make opponents to draw over the limit.

What do you think about such change?