SUGGESTION - Opening Boosters

When opening booster packs, you drag the packs into the portal to collect cards.

This mechanic is fine, but as soon as you do this the CONTINUE button pops up first, and then the animation of revealing your cards begins. A few seconds later all your cards are revealed.

There are several times I’ve opened a pack and immediately clicked CONTINUE as soon as it popped up just out of habit. It’s my first instinct when I see a CONTINUE button. The problem is that if you click CONTINUE when it pops up, it stops the animation and you can’t see which cards you just opened.

I’ve opened about 30-40 packs now and my first instinct when that CONTINUE button pops up is still to click it right away. I’ve probably clicked CONTINUE prematurely about 6-8 times now and never saw which cards I received. I’m sure I received the cards, but I really took away from the excitement of opening a pack and after building my collection some it’s almost impossible now to tell which cards I received.

CONTINUE button pops up prior to cards being revealed. I keep thinking I have to press CONTINUE to confirm I want to open the pack.

Don’t have the CONTINUE button pop up until after the animation of revealing the cards has completed. I highly doubt anyone doesn’t want to see which cards they just opened or would be annoyed by having to wait 3 seconds to open their next pack.

First, I can assure you that clicking the Continue button before the animation completes does not impact the cards you receive :wink: But the behaviour you describe is indeed problematic to some extent, will look into it :slight_smile:

Hi guys !

I can totally relate to Psyclone’s “there’s a button click on it” mentality.
It happened to me quite a lot as well and although I know it… actually it still happens once in a while. :disappointed_relieved:

His suggestion seems to be the easiest way to fix it.
Another possibility would be an inactivated gray button which turns active and colored when all cards are revealed.

The card designers made such an incredible job… I guess (almost) nobody wants to miss to see them.

Kind regards

I was annoyed by that too few times. F*kin continue button…

Is there any reason the game doesn’t just keep a booster log somewhere which keeps track of what cards were opened and when so that if I click continue on accident, I can simply access the log to view the packs contents?

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on this topic i would enjoy a way to open multiple packs at the same time i enjoy seeing the cards and such but im at a point where alot of it is duplicates and its kinda time consuming. :frowning: you guys did a great job with the cards and art and i love seeing it but seeing campfire 20 times is kinda dull…