Suggestion: Option to Not Match with Certain Players In Casual

DarkDreamer specifically abuses the turn timer and I’d rather never match with him again. Could we implement a sort of “dislike” button to remove certain players from being able to match with us at least in casual? Even if we limited the list to a few players that would be enough.

DarkDreamer is a problem to be sure, but the new player agreement added this morning a clause about “griefing” and that it will result in disciplinary measures.
From the discord-
Atmaz - Today at 10:14 AM
We have recently added one additional line to our terms of service, located here:

The list below consist of examples of behaviour that warrant disciplinary measures:

:faeria: Participating in any action which, in the sole and exclusive judgement of Abrakam, is designed to lower the enjoyment of other players in the game, or intentionally “grief” them.

Thank you! And this likely isn’t a problem for 99.9999% of those reading this.(edited)

If you’re seeing Dreamer and the player is still doing this, email support. I know I will be if this player is still doing this. We have probably all played vs DarkDreamer and now Abrakam is going to do something about it.

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SO yesterday I had the unpleasant (and daily) experience of “playing” vs DarkDreamer- they roped as usual, and then quit after roping what would have been their final turn.
Emailed support, explained (though they are surely well aware of the actions of The Dreamer of Darkness) what happened and the fact that this is an on-going ever persistent issue and asked for a ban of the player.

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