Suggestion: Show preview of cards generated by other cards

One thing that annoys me about Faeria (and other card games) is that it doesn’t give information about cards that are generated by other cards and are mentioned in their card text. For example, Triton Chef generates a Triton Banquet, but if you do not know what a Triton Banquet is, it is confusing.

What if hovering or inspecting one of these cards showed what the other card is? Here is a mockup of how it could look.


Nice idea. This could also be good when cards summon other cards, like Battle Toads or Demon Wrangler (although I guess you meant those too). They you might not need to say “summon two 2/2 Frogs with Jump”, you could just say “summon two Frogs”.

Good idea. After a while you learn all the cards though. And for beginners the current way may hold more mistery and excitement, which may be needed to keep them here at the start.