Suggestion to replace mundane daily quests

Hearthstone does a lot of things right, but not everything. Daily quests, for example, are not fun. What’s the point? They only exist to restrict the progress you can make without paying money, and to entice you to return to the game regularly. PLEASE figure out more creative and fun ways to accomplish this.

We’ve all played a hundred collecting games with boring, tedious dailies. I would actually enjoy challenging quests with better rewards. And no daily limit; I just want to binge through some challenges.

Path of Exile has a pretty cool challenges system that resets and updates every season. Only skilled and dedicated players will actually complete all of the challenges, but some are easier than others. I could imagine card-game style challenges being implemented for Faeria to help replace daily quests. No, there might not be a cheap, new, mundane task to complete every day, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

(Challenges in Path of Exile don’t actually offer rewards for completion, but the challenges I’m suggesting in Faeria would.)