Suggestion - "True" Quests

Quests that requires you to deal X damage to your opponent’s orb, win X games in battle or pandora, Play X green cards, Play X event cards, etc… When you get those quests, do you do anything different than what you would do when you are playing the game normally? No. As a result, you dont even pay attention to those quests anymore, especially since the rewards are so low.

The current quest system is typical Behaviorism done wrong, a shameless copy from other games.
For Behaviorism to work, it needs 3 major key elements :

  1. The reward / gratification must matter to the player :
  2. The reward / gratification must happen shortly after the deed is done :
  3. The reward / gratification must be directly linked to the desirable deed.

Two of those pose problem. First, 60-80 gold doesn’t matter to the player. When I see the reward, the only thing I feel is the urge to click anywhere on the screen to see the pop-up disappear. Second, they got that right, the reward happens right after the game where you finished your deed. Third … what exactly is the deed you want player to repeat? Login in on a daily basis? The link between the reward and the deed is not very strong.

Take a look at Ubisoft’s game “Duel of Champions”. Every consecutive days a player logs in, a reward grows exponantially until the 7th days where he must collect the biggest reward possible and start over. It also creates a single pop-up at the start of the game and doesn’t botter the player afterward. That’s Behaviorism done right if you want players to login on a daily basis.

If you create daily in game quests to encourage players who logs in to play more than just one game, then you must make the quests matter. Players must want to do the quests, those quests must be fun and the reward for completing them must be interesting. Here are some simple exemple from the top of my head :

  • Win a game with a creature dealing 1 damage to your opponent’s orb.
  • Win a game with your opponent at exactly -5 hp.
  • Win a game while you have exactly 10 hp left.
  • Win a game during your opponent’s turn (ex : Grim Guard)
  • Win a game by dealing the killing blow with one of the 4 dragons.
  • Win a game with a single friendly creature left on the board and no enemy creature.

Those are harder quests. Quests that will require more than one game to achieve. Quests that could take me into casual mode with a self made deck made to achieve it … Quests that will bring me joy and pride once I complete them and boy will I be happy to receive my reward (which could be something like 3 booster packs).

Give us a quest like these every 3 days with a good reward and people will want to do your quest. Cause right now … they are just annoying pop-ups.