Suggestions for getting back into the game

Faeria leaving tablets meant I stopped playing for a while, but I’m back gaming on a laptop a bit so I thought I’d come have a look, because this is a great game.

I have two questions:

  1. When are good times to queue for ladder/ranked constructed? (GMT is fine)

  2. Does anyone have reccs for a solid red deck wins (relatively simple mechanics) budget-competitive deck for getting back into the game?

I’d planned to run my old decks but the power level seems to have changed, and I’m pretty bad/out of practice. Looking for something solid but on the simple side to focus on while I relearn what I’m doing.

I’m looking at these Seifer Cup decks as well:

I’m not a super competitive player but I like laddering and would like to try to git gud enough to play in tourneys. I also try to be friendly and kind if anyone wants to friend me and play some games.


Edit: I’ve been having good queue times tonight so maybe I just caught a sleepy period (Sunday evening).