[Suggestions] Unbound Evolution, Gabrian Enchantress

About Gabrian Enchantress: I expected to use it against opponent’s creature to weaken it (making its attack equal to its life, which was lower), but it turned out, that it can only be used against friendly creatures. So I think it should be clearly marked it Gabrian Enchantress description: “Another friendly creature attack becomes equal to its life”.

About Unbound Evolution: I used it on my water creature standing on the ocean field. It turned into normal creature (something of Human type), and died at the end of my turn, because it couldn’t exist on ocean field. Ok, I will just remember this case and avoid this mistake next time. But I think it would be a good idea , if Unbound Evolution would turn the creature into the creature of the same color or at least into creature that will not die on that cell.

A creature only dies on a tile that it couldn’t exist on, if it stands there at the end of it’s owners turn.
Not sure if you knew about this, but after you transform (read: not sacrifice!) a creature, you can still move (and attack) with it, if it was still able to do so before the transformation. (Careful: Summoning sickness does apply, even if the creature had haste before!)
That said, you can avoid the rather likely event of an aquatic creature dying because of unbound evolution by not moving it, before you play the card. If it stands next to a land tile, transform it and move onto the land. If it doesn’t, well, better don’t transform it. :wink:

For the much rarer, but harder to solve case, that you transform a land/flying creature into an aquatic one, you can only make sure that there’s either a free ocean or lake next to you, or that you’re standing on a praerie and didn’t use your powerwheel yet: You should be able to turn a praerie into a lake, if a aquatic (or flying) creature stands on it.

Regarding Gabrian Enchantress: I’m pretty sure it worked the same way as the event “Gabrian Enchantment”, which definately works on enemy creatures as well. :frowning: If it doesn’t, you’re right and this should either be changed or - if it is intended - the cards text must be corrected.

IIRC, an aquatic creature on land dies at the end of the current turn, and a non-aquatic, non-flying creature in water dies at the end of its owner’s turn.

Looks like aquatics can’t live out of water, but landers can swim for a while :wink:

Thanks for the detailed explanation about Unbound Evolution, now I understand it much better.

Regarding Gabrian Enchantress, I checked it again, and found, that I made a mistake. Or it was some bug that I cannot reproduce now (But yes, first option is more likely). Now it was warking as expected - on both friendly and opponent’s creatures.