Synergy between Oversky and existing cards

The idea for this thread originates from discussion on Discord. @Daikenkini suggested it first. Happy now? XD

Want to compile a list of cool and (some) not so obvious synergy between cards in the game, especially with the new cards from the Oversky expansion:

  • Yakkapult + Frog Tosser + Mirror Phantasm + Azure Skywhale + Orosei (Orosei is great with 6 and 7 cost creatures)
  • Cap-10 combat draws Gift of Steel to flip Faeries
  • Balloon Fish / Cartographer / Deathwish Ghoul + Doomsday
  • Earthcraft draw to (hopefully) flip Faeries
  • Flash Salmon + Faeries (Salmon dies at end of your turn before opponent’s turn, capable of flipping faeries)
  • Dream Keeper + Drakkar Skycaptains for more than +3/+3 buff on flyers, and to flip Faeries
  • Iona’s Smile + Drakkar Skycaptain
  • Curious Biomancer -> Plague Bearer against Swarm
  • Fugoro -> Ulani’s Medallion + Aurora’s Creation + Sky Yaks / Emperor Kaios in Swarm decks
  • Emperor Kaios + Forbidden Library + Imperial Engineer
  • Radiance with any card which deals self-damage like Forbidden Library, Gnats, etc.
  • Summoning Krog’s Dinner to draw Krog flips Gabrian Commander
  • Triton Banquet for surprise mobility in non-Blue decks
  • Aurora’s Dream + Meteor + Yak Attack
  • Tale of Old Turtles / Aurora’s Creation / Dream Keeper / Gemshell Tortoise + Illusion of Grandeur
  • Shifting Octopus -> 3/7 + Feed the Forest to generate Faeria (usually used with Living Willow)
  • Failed Experiment or Feed the Forest when summoning Istanu so new Istanu can attack straightaway countering Swallow
  • Failed Experiment + Dream Keeper for 1 cost hand shuffle/reduction
  • Ruunin the Relentless + Feed the Forest
  • Path to Paradise with Yellow Haste and Dash Creatures (Good with Rakoan Chieftain), as well as Fight creatures like Frog Tosser and Deepwood Stalker
  • Failed Experiment + Stormspawn
  • Does Aurora’s Creation on Sky Yaks buff Illusion of Grandeur?
  • Mistral Guide + Yak Attack / Wind Soldier for double to quad collect of Faeria
  • Seifer Blood Tyrant / Combat Creatures + Grappling Hook
  • Intrepid Explorer + Windstorm Charger
  • Shayton Monstrosity in Sacrifice decks
  • Ulani Oversky Shaman / Curious Biomancer can target draw if deck is designed with this in mind (e.g. Sky Yaks, Gift of Rakoa, Garudan)
  • Gift of Rakoa in Swarm or OTK (One turn kill) decks
  • Dream Keeper + Flight of the Manta to generate even more events (may not be working as intended)
  • Balloon Fish swallows Oversky Towship, teleport land when Fish dies
  • The Tree of Everlife + Forbidden Library (Tree protects orb from fatigue and library self-damage)
  • Feed the Forest + Emerald Salamander (can summon multiple Salamander in the same turn on the same tile with feed)
  • Cap-10 combat prevents fatigue by adding Gift of Steel to deck
  • Steam Forge + Long-horned Yak + Rakoan Reveller + Shayton Monstrosity + Kobold Warlord
  • Balloon Fish + Famine / Plague Bearer
  • Dream Keeper + Forbidden Library
  • Architect + Doomgate / Crystal Flower / Faeria Tree
  • Oversky Towship + Flash Wind / Celestial Tower / Triton Banquet
  • Magda + Ruunin (to permanently reduce cost of Ruunin to 3 while Magda stays on board)
  • Wandering Monk with cards which draw more cards (Dream Keeper, Curious Biomancer, Tale of Old Turtles, Forbidden Library, Iona’s Smile, Lore Thief, etc)
  • Wild Avenger + Feed the Forest with self-damage cards like Gnats, Forbidden Library, etc. Each self-damage throughout the game represents 1 Faeria with each Wild Avenger + Feed combo.
  • Weeping Idol + self-damage (drawback is you need to summon Weeping Idol before self-damage to gain Faeria, unlike Wild Avenger + Feed combo)
  • Emperor Kaios + Emperor’s Command + Azarai

The ones below are more fun than good in actual games:

  • Possessed Ursus + Falcon Dive / Famine / Derelict Tower / Plague Bearer
  • Sharra + Elderwood Embrace + Shamanic Dance
  • Mistral Guide + Bomb Slinger / Blazing Salamander / Daring Adventurer
  • Apex Predator + Aurora’s Creation (weak)
  • Tarum + Everbloom Wisp


  • Void Guardian + Hammer of Destruction
  • Ulani’s Medallion + Equinox Automaton

Will update as more ideas come up. Please share your ideas too. :smiley:

wandering monk + cards that draws cards, like iona’s smile, wisdom, lore thief, dream keeper

  • Apex Predator + Aurora’s Creation (weak)
  • Tarum + Everbloom Wisp.

Some Pandora ones:

  • Void Guardian + Hammer of Destruction.
  • Ulani’s Medallion + Equinox Automaton.

Don’t you mean fatigue instead of milling? (I’m not 100% sure, asked about what milling meant when I joined Faeria - told it was destroying cards because your hand’s full).

You are right. I forgot that word. Will update with your suggestions.

That one is included already, the list is long.