Taking The Win

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Other times, even while they know they are beat, many opponents may offer that last turn for players to show it gracefully. On rare occasion, an opponent may not see the win, so they may offer that last phase to see how it plays out.

“That was a mistake.” is not a required statement. At that last phase of the game, it may be enough of an aggravation, toward players abandoning the game permanently. Rookie and Veteran players alike.

Sure, the purpose of some taunts, will have their place. However, inflicting embarrassment can be an everlasting impression. Being the bully serves nothing to the sport or competition of the game.

"Play to Win." is what most players say. Color Commentators that analyze the tournaments, emphasize this. Anything they offer during recorded events can be valuable.

Best Tip: Just Take the Win.

As the player who has the last phase, to take the win, just take the win. The parade of extra cards are not required. Anything extra that doesn’t help, before moving that last pawn to hit the face, is overkill. The exhibition of all the unnecessary cards is not flamboyance, nor is it boasting.

Use only the cards and pawns, that are just enough, to make the win. Anything that can be considered an annoying display of no value, should be kept in the player hand.

Play to Win. Just Take the Win.

This philosphy should be equally embraced across all aspects of the game. Casual, Ranked, and Pandora.

In the meantime, Stay Safe, Stay Awesome, and Have Fun!


I’m glad this wasn’t the BM tutorial I was expecting from the title.

You Will Not Survive.

I didn’t know that was such an aggravating statement. In chess, there is a saying, something like, “The one who wins is the one who made the second last mistake.” Pointing out mistake seems obvious and matter of fact to me.

If someone wanted to show off their hand before they win, that’s fine with me. I sometimes want to do that too if I have really good cards but didn’t have the chance to play them before. If I didn’t want to wait for the kill, I can always surrender, no big deal.

I guess part of the problem comes from the fact that BM’s in card games have been given a bad rap due to their usage in other games. Hell when I’ve played Dota2 and I made a good play and then someone emotes “Well Played” my first instinct is to think they used it in a sarcastic or demeaning way (because that’s how most people use it). Because you can’t see the player it’s always hard to gauge their intent with a BM. Maybe we just need more positive emotes like “Thank you” and “That was cool!”.

Or death souls system of messaging. Nothing says “that was fun!” like “Try Horse, then Jump”

A “How to BM in Faeria” would get my like :smiley:

Eh, i see nothing wrong with playing extra ■■■■ when you have lethal.

Sometimes end the game wondering if i could have survived if i only could have drawn that one answer i needed. If my oponent parades his hand before finishing the orb, i at least might get a definitive answer to that.