Teach me some decks please

So i’m new to this game and have no idea how to build a deck or what terminology like “Mono” mean. Can I get some example decks for someone whos relativly new and explain some of the terminology for me. Btw i’m level 10 and have got quite a fair amount of packs from leveling up and spening ingame gold. I’ll edit this soon to list cards I have so far, if any of them are bad cards could you please tell me so I can use them for crafting. Thanks <3

Well Mono refers to a single color (In our case, Forest, Lakes, Mountain or Desert) That will be used in your deck. (aside from some neutral card you might or might not have). Each type of land has an associated color for exemple forest is Green. So when we say Mono-Green we want to talk about deck which contains almost only green cards in it. If we talk about a Green Yellow deck(commonly referred to GY) it would be a Mix of Forest and Desert cards in that said deck.

Archetypes are a type of deck, aka the strategy of your deck. First you would get Aggro/Rush. Like its name mention it, it is a deck that will strike you opponent really fast and hard trying to get a quick win.

Another type would be Control: Like its name says it is a deck that want to control either the board/ressources or control you opponent game by disrupting his game plan. Those deck are usually slower and more costly as they need all the greatest removal card and threat to be effective.

The two last type would be Combo and Midrange, First Combo is also what is name says, a deck that want to combo and win out of that said combo. It is pretty self explanatory and many combo are possible (Like boosting 1 creature with charge to 20 damage in 1 turn and kill your opponent giving him no change to react). Last one MidRange, is mostly a faster type of control, Usually they would have good amount of removal and threat to their disposal with enough synergy in-between their threat/removal so that they don’t really need to control their opponent game plan as much as control.

Usually a Rush deck has an edge over a combo deck, while a combo Should have an edge over a control deck. This also depends alot on the meta / cards available. It can be mixed up and this is by no mean true in every game/meta.

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