Team Kraken is recruiting

Hello Godlings!
This is Sagitter here just to announce the formation of a new competitive team in Faeria - the Team Kraken.
Our goal is to bring our brand and teamwork into the nascent competitive scene of Faeria, to do our part in enriching this wonderful community.
Recruiting is open to players with these requirements:
-to have a discord account
-english speaker
-active (preferable european gametime)
-cooperating and teamworking attitudes
-interested in taking part in the upcoming tournaments
Why would you want to join us?
-to make new friends
-to have training and analyzing sessions to refine your gameplay
-to test decks for ladder, special formats and cashprize tournaments

If you are interested in joining or have any questions contact Sagitter on Discord.
More details will come as we’ve assembled a team!


I don’t know if this is where I’m supposed to post, but I’d be interested in joining. My name in discord is ArsenalYams#2367

I can say I’d gladly comply to all the requirements, so contact me if interested :slight_smile: