Thank you for all the hard work with the Monthly Cup!


I would just like to again say THANK YOU to Abrakam, MetagamingTV and everyone else involved in the Monthly Cup production.
It has always been good, and it gets better every time. Special shoutout to @Aquablad and @skorch13 for their amazing casting! I said it in discord but I want to say it again! Aquablad has been involved in Faeria esports since its inception and he has gotten SO good at casting, you have developed some sick casting-skills and we all really appreciate the hard work you put in! Skorch is a bit newer to scene (for us oldschoolers) but has in a relatively short time evolved into a great caster with amazing insight and understanding. The two of you together are what Tasteless and Artosis are for Starcraft. Keep up the great work!

We really appreciate it!