That is why you don't use "hellfire" on a posessed bear

The posessed bear got emberwood embrace before hellfire struck and reached 192 dmg while being hit 6 times. after some other attacks he reached his final attack damage of 772.

I was so impressed that I had to post the picture. sorry guys ^^

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The sign of the germans :smiley: Instantly knew.

Nice :smiley: But shoudlnt it be 768?

yep, I dont’t understand either why it has 772 :smiley: but still i was impressed^^

192 + 1 (say Steam Forge?) = 193.
193 × 2 × 2 = 772.
Could that be it?

So, what happens if a bear is next to a Kobold Booster Building with +2 when it gets doubled?

That could be.

Well if it has its usual 1/8 it gets +2 only in the reach of the Kobold booster Building… so I would say it only doubles it flat damage.

1/8 + 2/0 => 3/8 + -0/1 0> 4/7

So I dont think that the doubling counts for the temporary bonus as well =)