The Buy Full Deck Controversy - In Need Of Clarification? Me too Friend

Howdy buddy old chums.

I just started playing this game today and have a few queries, hopefully the more enlightened of the bunch can help with?

a) What type of cards are there? like normal’s, rares, super dooper rares?

b) In the deck-building section I see the “codex” does the full purchase unlock all the cards in the codex only or rare ones too which aren’t included in the codex listings? for example the crafting cards also?

c) Is it possible to unlock all the cards the old fashion way or is it something very unpractical like ridiculous chances of getting some cards that are in the full collection purchase?

d) is there a wiki or something that shows every card in the game?


a: There are four rarities (similar to Hearthstone and MTG). Common, rare, epic, legendary. (not sure these are the official names for the rarities, but it is what more or less everyone here calls them)

b: You get every card, all codex cards and all the other cards. All codex cards can also be unlocked rather easily/quickly by playing the single player missions.

c: It is very possible to unlock the cards the old fashion way (aka by playing a lot). Getting the full collection will take quite some time, but on the other hand there are a lot of high-rarity cards that don’t actually see play (= they are bad). You can gain cold by playing, you can gain memoria by disenchanting cards (very similar to Hearthstone), you also get packs from leveling up. You can also play pandora for free once per day (phantom coin) and gain gold that way.

or if you prefer something with images:

Beautiful thanks for that :slight_smile:

One thing I was going to ask but forgot and the average player may not know - if they add new decks in the future would those cards be added to the complete deck or will it only be the “all the cards” up to a point.

Also kinda little of Topic but I like to play games with my lady - can we swap cards if she likes one etc…

You will not receive cards in future expansions by buying the full collection. For each expansion however there will be the option to buy the “full expansion collection” aswell.

Important to note, since the game is still in Early access and they are sometimes doing big changes - if the devs chose to remove a card and replace it with something else, you will get that new card for free if you had the one they removed.

Awesome cheers for the info and speedy reply,

If you were a customer support rep - id give you a :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: / 5 feedback


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Haha thank you :smiley:

And since im currently unemployed, maybe the devs should consider hiring me!! Right @atmaz? :smiley:

Just adding a little to J0k3se’s reply : you actually gain a little gold by winning (not playing ^^), but mostly by doing your daily quest (which you can stack 3 at a time).
Also, if your comparison is HS, the drop rates are higher here, so it will take a while and a lot of playing to get full collection from grinding only, but it will be doable, unlike in HS.
By the way, codex cards are only basic cards, with different rarity (there’s also an Epic iirc) and you get only 2 of each. You have to get the 3rd one another way (through opening packs or crafting or Full collection).
And you can’t disenchant codex cards, too.

I just recorded a video that covers some of the stuff you asked, but also other informations for new players i hope this helps

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