The current mulligan system

I already started this discussion on the discord, but I had no answer from a dev (who could explain why they chose the current mulligan system).

What do you guys think about the current mulligan?
I would really prefer a different mulligan where you can choose the cards you redraw or keep.
The goal is to reduce the rng factor. According to me, it’s not fun to loose a game just because of the starting hand. In Faeria, it doesn’t happen so often, but still, reducing the rng can only be a good idea imo.


I’d rather choose individual cards to replace. Being stuck with a bad opening hand is never fun. As it is, I often keep a subpar hand just because I’m worried that the replacements will be even worse. The randomness would feel fairer if you could keep the cards you wanted.

I think its okay, but i think a starting hand of 3 really limits the game big time. Also i think the Explore is to strong, people that go 2nd are pretty much better of then the first player.

I didn’t keep the stats of my games, but I don’t feel this supposed advantage. Moreover, since this new explore, devs said that stats are like 49/51 which is acceptable. Maybe it can depends on the deck played, idk, but as I said, I dont feel this difference in my games.

Personally I think the mulligan is ok, since you can have three copies of a card in a 30 card deck, if there are cards you need to have on t1 you’re likely to get at least one of them with the mulligan in most of your games. And being able to recognize if a subpar hand is a keeper or if it should be replaced is a part of the experience and decision-making, and also deckbuilding (whether or not to include more early game to make the start more consistent? or maybe the deck is designed to get ahead even after a slow start?).

I agree with all that. As far as explore goes I think a huge part of the strength is that there aren’t many (if any) competitive t1 plays for the one who goes first, preatty much giving the initiative to the explore guy (not only initiative on minion development but also more lands). But if the stats are really so close to 50/50 then it’s probably OK, but if I could decide, I would choose to go 2nd every game.

I agree that the current mulligan is better then the one were you get to keep cards from your initial hand. Since you can only add A single Legendary card in your deck and some combo decks need components in hand it would be very beneficial for them to keep some cards and Mulligan anyway. Not to mention decks that rush would be very hard to counter since they will allays start up with The best rush hand possible.
Hey I don’t like RING but don’t forget this game is a card game and RNG should always be a part of a Card Game (at least in my opinion anyway).

So yeah I like this mulligan option better then the one you get to keep the cards.

In my opinion, only one thing about the current mulligan system needs to be changed. Player’s should make mulligan decisions simultaneously. To be clear, each player should be presented the same normal mulligan screen, and only once both players have made their decision should any mulligans be executed. As is, if you intend to mulligan, you are incentivized to wait until the last possible second to mulligan, so as to prevent your opponent from knowing if you are going to mulligan while they are making their mulligan decision. This leads to the mulligan step taking much longer than needed. It would be far simpler if only once both players have made their decision should any mulligans be executed