The deck I used to reach godrank (s14) - Turn-by-turn commentary

Check out the video for turnbyturn commentary :slight_smile:


…that’s a really good deck…

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Glad you like it!
My list runs -2 emperor’s command -1 choking sand -3 firebomb
+3 Earthcraft +3 flame burst
I think firebomb might be correct in the list but Earthcraft does everything that the deck wants to do, he’s right about it being kind of too much of an investment really early on though.
The reason Firebomb seems appealing to me is the same reason firestorm is appealing, and that is because you’re making lands a lot in the deck meaning you can’t draw often, so higher value cards are nice to draw into in those situations.
Other possible additions are; Seifer, Blood Tyrant, Time of Legends, Flash Wind, and Firestorm.


nah sorry his is better =p

though I think -1 choking sands, +1 time of legends ; -1 khalim, +1 seifer

would be better because I hate seifer much more than khalim … which says to me seifer is qualitatively much better, especially with any mobility at hand.

I just used this deck on my ladder run earlier today and it peaked me at rank #49. I’m really amazed how awesome this deck is and I altered it a bit to fit my playstyle. I removed the emperor’s commands, although it is a strong card, and replaced it with a garudan and flame burst. Land placements are very important and situational so it needs practice but it is very rewarding. Thanks man for the upload!