The Decks section of the Hub is unusable!

I have recently got Seifer Blood Tyrant from a battle chest and decided to look for a nice deck that included him. I had no luck whatsoever… The search function on the Decks portion of the Hub only allows you to search by title or author, so unless the name of the card is in the title, or the deck has been made by a well-known player, you are out of luck. I tried searching by colour, but so many decks include red…

Long story short, after half an hour of scrolling down the list I made my own deck, and it works fine. What I feel is needed is the option to filter decks by individual cards. It would have been great if I could just type the name of a particular card into the search box and be presented only with the decks which include that card! So if somebody knows how to program, or has the ear of the development team, please help to implement that feature - I can’t be the only person who finds the Decks section time-consuming to use!

Thinking about it, poor search features are probably the cause of ever-changing “deck fashions”. It’s hard to find a good deck that hasn’t been mentioned in an article or video, unless it’s been made in the last 30 days or so. Searching by rating is also near-useless, because the majority of decks only have 1 like or no likes at all.

My apologies for the clickbait title.

I agree that the deck search features need some fleshing out. Decabytes has been encouraging responsible tagging of decks and posts, so until abrakham fixes it, we might be able to use the tagging feature through the boards to look up decks of interest. we obviously won’t be able to tag every deck in the library with every card in it, but i’m sure there’s some kind of temporary fix that we can rig.

Did you try using the Advanced search option? Copy and pasting Seifer, Blood Tyrant tags:red will give you all the red decks with that card in it, so long as they are tagged with red and the contents of the post has Seifer, Blood Tyrant in it. The card will be highlighted in bold.

Now I have been doing a lot of tagging, and I encourage people to tag their own posts and submit tags they want to see (With the caveat that only 5 tags are allowed per post. This can be changed on the admin side tho I believe). The documentation on Discourse searching is not that great but I have dug up a few things. First of all searching multiple tags can be done in one of two ways


Say I want to search for decks with the tag Red OR Blue in them. I would do this by going to the Advanced Search and in the tags section adding red blue. You should see this pop up in the search bar tags:red,blue. This means that you will get decks that have the tags red, or blue, or red and blue.

If you just want to search for decks with the tags Red AND Blue you must type this into the search bar tag:red tag:blue This will only Search for decks that contain the tags Red and Blue in them.

Now say you want to search for red decks with Seifer, with the tags red, yellow, and control. In the search bar type Seifer, Blood Tyrant tags:red tags:control tags:yellow This is the highest degree of granularity you can get in a search to my knowledge currently.

I have been doing a ton of tagging but if anyone else with regular trust level wants to help edit posts I would appreciate that. If owners of a post can tag their post with the correct tags it would be greatly appreciated as well. Right now I don’t tag your post as control if you don’t say in the text that it is a control deck for instance. I don’t have time to think about what every deck is based on the type of cards that are in it. I will also leave out the neutral tag on a post in favor of adding one more descriptive tag. For instance in a deck that has keywords nuetral, red, green, blue, midrange, and control I will use the tags red, green, blue, midrange, control. Again this is mostly a solo effort but I have seen some people using them which is awesome. Current tags are located here and a description of what each tag means can be found here.

Between this and the Faeria Wiki, I don’t actually spend much time playing the game :sweat_smile: but I enjoy helping the community so it’s not bad.

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Thanks very much for your reply, Decabytes, but I don’t seem to be able to find the Advanced search option. Where should I look for it?

None of this requires the advanced search option. You can just copy and paste into the search bar on the boards. Don’t try to do it here searching by tags only works on forums. Hit the little magnifying glass in the top right of the board and in the little search bar that shows up there is a option link which will take you to the advanced search function. here is a link to it.