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So some of you may have noticed that tags work great if you are just searching for individual tags. For example, searching midrange only brings up decks with midrange tags. But when you start searching for multiple tags there is a problem. For instance, If you search Green, Blue expecting to get only decks with the Green and Blue tags, you will be sorely mistaken. You will get decks tagged Green or Blue, as well as Green & Blue. This can be fixed albeit clunkyly
in the url type https://boards.faeria.com/tags/intersection/green/blue/. To my knowledge this can only be done in the /tags section. Adding “intersection” before the tags allows you to search for multiple tags.

I recently created a bunch of tags in my quest to make it easier to navigate the forums. Tags make it easier to perform advanced searches for keywords. Since I just created the tags, I’ve had to manually add the tags to all the posts. If people like them I’ll continue doing this. If not I’ll remove them. There are still tags I need to make, but please suggests tags you would like to see. I’ve reached my editing limit for the day so I can’t add any more tags to posts, but if any of the higher trust level peeps want to help out I would appreciate it.

The current ones are listed below. I’ve broken them up by which categories they will probably be most used but they can be used anywhere.

feedback and suggestions

meta - Refers to anything related to the hub and forums

feedback - Giving constructive criticism or praise on any aspect of the game itself

suggestion - Things you would like to see added to the game, changed or removed.

bug - For any technical issues you may be having with the game itself.

ios - For devices that run IOS, mainly Iphones and Ipads.

android - Any device that runs a version of the android operating system.

gnu-linux - Computers running the various distributions of GNU/Linux

mac-osx - For all the folks with macs

windows - People running on the windows platforms


neutral - Decks that contain neutral cards. If they only contain neutral cards, just tag it with neutral so everyone knows it’s a mono deck

red - Decks that contain red. If they only contain red, just tag it with red so everyone knows it’s a mono deck

blue - Decks that contain blue. If they only contain blue, just tag it with blue so everyone knows it’s a mono deck

green - Decks that contain green. If they only contain green, just tag it with green so everyone knows it’s a mono deck

yellow - Decks that contain yellow. If they only contain yellow, just tag it with yellow so everyone knows it’s a mono deck

rainbow - If your deck contains all colors use this tag. There is a five tag max so this allows you to be more descriptive.

Deck descriptions
aggro - For aggressive decks that try to end the game early

budget - Decks that are faily easy for a newer player to build towards. Doesn’t use a bunch of epics and legendaries

rush - Same as aggro, emphasizes high mobility creatures. The Faeria term for it I think

combo - Decks playing cards in sucession with powerful synergistic properties

sacrifice- Decks which kill weaker creatures to summon much more powerful creatures

handbuff - Deck type that tries to buff creatures in your hand

combat - Decks that use creatures which have additional effects when attacking

control - Deck type with heavy emphasis on events to deal with big threats

ranged - Deck type which uses ranged creatures to attack orbs and other creatures from afar

mill - Decks that tries to overdraw your opponent and kill them with fatigue

burn - Deck type that emphasizes creatures with combat abilities that damage your opponents orbs

midrange - Deck type whose win conditions allow it to peak in the mid game

tempo - A play style for the deck which tries to keep the player in control of the pace of the game

bargain - Discounting cards to play big minions for cheap!

flying - Decks which focuses heavily on creatures with the flying ability

jump - Decks that focus on creatures with the jump ability

pandora - Anything reffering to the pandora game mode

treasure - Decks that include Treasures

beginners - Decks that are beginner friendly either in difficulty or card rarity

intermediate - Decks that are good for people who know most of the mechanics in the game

advanced - Decks with elaborate win conditions that require intimate game knowledge to perform well


review - An analysis either of cards or different aspects of Faeria

guide - A write up which has the intent of teaching someone how to solve a problem

custom-cards - For all the cool cards everyone thinks of

contest - For any Abrakam or community event

tournament - For those of you who like competition

patchnotes - For the changes to the faeria landscape

balance - Descriptor for patchnotes to indicate balance changes, or to coincide with the suggestion tag

community - Posts related to the community

puzzle - For anything related to puzzles

mission - For anything related to missions

help - When you need help with something!

Features of tagging

Users can choose to auto watch tags as desired

Users can list all tags, and filter topics by tag

Users can ignore notifications from posts with specific tags

You can search by tags by clicking on the search icon on the top right of the screen and hitting the options link. You can edit your tags preferences by going to your profile and clicking on the preferences menu. Tags are limited to five per posts. Right now tags are used the most in the Hub->Decks portion of the forums, but I hope to expand them soon. I’ll continue to update this post, but for now thanks for reading!

I’ve added some descriptions for each tag to give an idea of how they would be used. I’ve also incorporated some new tagsThe only thing I’m worried about is having too many tags. With the short description, as well as using them in combination, I feel like the content in posts can be more informative based on their titles and tags. I will continue tagging posts with these tags up to my daily edit limit every day. Any additional feedback from everyone would be nice. I avoided using tags like mono, tri, dual, and quad, because I feel like the individual color tags used in combination are enough. The exception is when a deck uses all the colors. Because of the tag limit, using all the colors would already hit that limit. Rainbow will be used instead. I hope everyone finds this useful.


It’s not really feedback-related, but, as Xaxazak had once mentioned, there is a lot of custom cards threads around. Probably even enough for some small independent category (we have “#custom-cards” channel in discord, after all). Totally enough for a separate tag for them.

Speaking of Discord, it would be awesome if YakBot would include tags into its posts in “#boards” channel. Or at least - post some information about category - it’s hard to get any useful information from posts that look like this:

[quote=“PlasmaRager, post:2, topic:6988”]
Probably even enough for some small independent category (we have “#custom-cards” channel in discord, after all). Totally enough for a separate tag for them.
[/quote]That was my first thought, so I second this. Third post.

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I think that another tag should be added - “cheap” - for decks that contain very few epics and legendaries (or even none at all). Right now, the “beginners” tag is doing double duty, denoting both decks that are cheap to craft and those that are easy to play, which makes picking the right deck a bit more time-consuming than it could have been.