The exception crash bug

Hello everyone. I have been experiencing this exception bug for a couple of days now. Did anyone else had this problem? I really do not think it is on my end. After you click on the big button the game crashes.

What platform are you on?

PC/Laptop, Windows 10. Ok I figured it out. Try this sequence go CTRL+M to open the chat, while the chat is open go CTRL+M again. Nothing happens. Close the chat. Go CTRL+M again to open it and it crashes each and every single time. I did it a couple of times so far. I want to know if it is only me. I hope they fix it soon

Omg you’re right. Win 7 here. Works on my client too.
I think the chat is so buggy right now it happens often that my game crashes because I’m chatting in-game.

The sequence doesnt work with CTRL+enter tho.