The Fox 88 Plays Faeria Videos *UPDATED*

Hi guys! Im starting to upload game play videos of me laddering on Faeria. Ive posted the first episode which is a little rough around the edges. Its just game play and background music, no commentary. I dont plan on doing any commentary as im an awkward, shy boy. Its not really my thing. I might consider it down the line, maybe.

I really, really hope at least one person out there enjoys watching the videos and my future uploads (or hopefully a non faeria player stumbles across my videos and then buys the game themselves). Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy the videos!. :v::sunglasses:

Episode 1: GR Crackthorn

Episode 2: Red Combat

Episode 3: Red Combat

Episode 4: Mono Green

Episode 5: Mono Green

Episode 6: BR Gemshell

Episode 7: GR Rakoans

Episode 8: GY Sacrifice

Episode 9: B Jump

Episode 10: RG Salamander/Crackthorn


If anyone has any advice on how to make the videos better or little things i can improve etc etc please let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

First of all, you are a very good player! Thanks for uploading. The video could do with some improvements though:

  1. For Goodness sake, make the game full screen! And remove the random portrait in the bottom right! Having the deck list/tracker is ok, though, and could be helpful for some people.
  2. The music is a bit random. If people who have never seen the game before watch your video, they might think this is the default one. I suggest you keep the default Faeria music, maybe at half volume. Or if you really hate it, turn it off, and just keep the sound effects.
  3. All the best Faeria YouTubers I know of, - Aquablad, Luu90, Matrien Maru - provide commentary, explaining the decisions they make. Is there any way you could do the same? If not, this point isn’t as important as the first two I’ve made.

I could have written all this on YouTube, but the “read more” functionality doesn’t always work, so I decided to post on here instead. Hope this helps

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like ur plays
like ur deck
like ur music(love sonic)

well done. :slight_smile:

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Yo! Thanks for sharing your Faeria gameplay :smiley: I definitely recommend (at least) audio commentary, even if - especially if - you feel awkward and shy. I felt the same way before starting my videos, but I was inspired by watching other players who seemed just like me. It really felt amazing to not only become more confident in my public speaking (which helps both personally and professionally), but to meet so many kind and supportive people in our community.

If you’d like any specific advice on a budget microphone or how to organize your thoughts for a video (you could even start by writing and reading a video script to build your confidence and analyze your voice patterns), feel free to PM me on Discord.

Take care and keep up the great work!


Thanks for all the feedback. Im just having some fun more than anything, nothing too serious right now but ill take the feedback into consideration for my future videos. The music is my own preference, i like to listen to it while i play slower games. Sorry if its not to your tastes :stuck_out_tongue:

Posted Episode 2 today :v::sunglasses:

Posted Episode 3 today :v::sunglasses:

Episode 4 up today :v::sunglasses:

Episode 5 :v::sunglasses:

Episode 6 is up :v::sunglasses:

Episode 7 is up :v::sunglasses:

Episode 8 is up :v: :sunglasses:

Episode 9 is up :v: :sunglasses:

Episode 10 is up :v: :sunglasses: