The Future of Faeria - continued

Hey all,
Thanks to our Crystal ball, we have more precise details about the future of Faeria, and rough dates. Stay tuned for more!

  • Summer 2018: Faeria is excited to announce its next expansion, whose name, theme, number of cards and exact nature (it could be a line of plush pillows) are unknown, for 2024. They are also concentrating on another product, not necessarily a game, or software at all (it could be a travel pillow), but which they hope you’ll be as excited as they are to play.
  • Winter 2018: after doing absolutely nothing for 2018 because the Gini index adjusted for the price of bananas on Antarctica doesn’t support increased regulation on subdevalued futures, Abrakhm is happy to announce it is working on a version for Symbian.
  • Spring 2019: as a reward to all its patient users, Abrakam is proud to announce its version for the Amiga, which is now open for beta testing in the Atacama desert as well as most coastal communities of the Torres Straits. The Symbian version is no longer going to be available.
  • Summer 2019: because of diminishing returns of the co-strategic partnership with Atalantian blockchain penguins, and in preparation for a completely internet-free client, you will no longer be able to pay for new content online. Instead, you will have to get coupons, available at every major curling and hackeysack tournament in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Also, for greater compatibility, the Windows version of the game will transition to EGA. The Amiga version will no longer be available.
  • Winter 2019: in order to keep in line with the future launch of Abrakam as a stateless company in Port Moresby, Faeria will transition to a physical trading card game. Packs will be available at all hardware stores in Central Asia within three years. The EGA version will no longer be available.
  • Winter 2023: as Abrakam transitions into a major madrass & fishing equipment producer, Faeria will transition to a boxed game, available at all tacke shops on Mars. The trading card game will no longer be available.
  • Spring 2024: Abrakam, adhering to the wishes of many users who wished for a paper-free game not tied to a particular computer system, is transitioning Faeria to clay tablets written in cuneiform and buried in random sites in the Fertile Crescent. They will be available through partnerships with local archaeological societies.

We don’t really know what will happen after that, but we’ll keep you updated. If you dig deep enough, that is.


Awesome recap.

This is how i read “The Future of Faeria”:

Hey people! We’re working on another game, so to be able to sustain servers for Faeria, we found an awesome kool publisher, the best there is - it’s the Perfecto World of money! They will back Faeria servers for a small fee - it will no longer be free but instead it will milk your money as much as it can until they close servers, but start will be rather brutal - a pay to play. This means that we will cut out 80% of community in a blink of an eye.
Future updates will be pure pay to win, as we will introduce only OP cards for your convinience, and for our most beloved paying to win customers. They will enjoy. Both of them.
We’ll keep you posted for any fart that happens in the office, coz nothing bigger will actually come out anytime soon. Yours truly - Abandoned game team.

Anyhow - this game is awesome, it has unique and very pleasing design, and mechanics. If they balance out OP cards and those god damn legendary “instawin” cards, it would be even better game!
But, as i’ve read this article “future of Faeria” … i might just cut my expectations and move on…