The game never actually changes

The devs keep adding cards, many of them very cool, but it just doesn’t matter…you still just see the same-old same-old on ladder season after season. I really want to stay in Faeria but I just can’t keep playing a game that never truly evolves. Things that I think are keeping the game stuck in one place (in no particular order or anything) Red; specifically passive damage from combat effects and Garudan. 2 damage from combat effects is too much- I would make it 1 and Gary needs a complete rework imo to keep coming expansions relevant; you can make all the 1-3hp creatures you want but if they become AT ALL meta red combat and Gary will always win. Mono Green is an issue imo too but I really don’t have any ideas on what to do with it.

The expansions just don’t do enough to change the game, and that makes me sad. I might be done with Faeria…I took 3 months off before Gagana came out bc I thought I was getting burnt out but I think now it’s really just that the game doesn’t change and THAT has me burnt out.

Sad to see you feel this way but my experience has been different. You didn’t meet people playing by treasure decks? Seems like everyone I know has played that at some points last few days. There are so many decks I want to build and try but I haven’t had time to play and refine every one of them.