The Good and Bad of the first set of new cards

I’ve seen a lot of threads complaining about the new expansion, particularly swallow, but i think this expansion has been the best thing to happen to Faeria since its release. I had stopped playing Faeria for a while because i didn’t like playing proactive decks with little to no reactive elements nor against those decks. But now with the new cards you actually can make a viable relatively reactive deck, which i love.
First i wanted to talk about each of the new cards individually
Intrepid Explorer- I’ve never actually seen my opponent play this card, possibly because it might suck, but i like the design on this card and it could possibly see play in some event blue yellow deck or be part of the growing meme of a mill deck.
Crystal Flower-This is a very cheap and accessible removal for any colored deck with a very real drawback. While i don’t have this card in any of my decks right now because i prefer skywhale, i appreciate the fact that you can counter the decks that focus on getting obscenely efficient big minions like green yellow sacrifice.
Goki, Friendly Miner Seems like a sort of throwaway creation to me, in multiplayer it’s a 2 faeria 2/4 and in the co-op it’s basically an auto include. kinda disappointing to me.
Yakkapult Very difficult to remove this card if you aren’t the aggressor or if you don’t have a few counters to this, and if left unchecked this card basically win you the game with extra free 2/2s. Also, Aurora’s Trick value
Azure Skywhale I absolutely love this card, it counters all those old meta decks that infuriated me such as green yellow sacrifice, Midrange green, and crackthrorn green red while not being good in those deck because it’s typically too clunky. And you can pull some shenanigans with Orosei to permanently remove the swallowed creature. On top of all that it makes games far less snowbally, where one player would get board control from a good trade and then get extra faeria from wells with that extra creature then be able to play more cards leading into an even bigger advantage and win them the game. This is my second favorite card of the set.
Rakoan Reveller I really like the design of this card, it’s a great target to aurora, but doing that is pretty inconsistent, it kinda pushes a different direction than the usual red faeria ramp cards, sadly it might be good in green red crackthorn though.
Rokoan Chieftain while i’d never play this because it’s not the style of deck i play, i think this card is fair, and i don’t especially dislike it.
Ulani, Oversky Shaman This card is great, this is what three wishes should have been. This makes me actually want to play a quad color deck, rather than some random cards from my opponent’s deck. I really like this card, probably my third favorite card.
Gift of the Rakoa This is the only card that actually annoyed me of the new card release, it promotes that same old deck of win the early game with buffs and have the faeria advantage for the rest of the game with collecting. Its such a win more card in an already snowbally game. the only thing good about it is you need at least 3 creatures to get good value out of it.
Frog-Tosser This is my favorite card of the set, it lets you recover from an aggressive push, or get rid of token collectors, it doesn’t have to be adjacent to the target and it’s nowhere near as good when you’re wining so each player can have a back and forth game, which i love. I hope the devs introduce more cards like this and Deepwood Stalker and move away from the theme of green being play big creatures and buff them.
Overall i’m loving the new cards, and the new solo adventures are amazing and challenging. I hope the devs continue to make them. I’m also very happy that the devs said that they intend to nerf three wishes, because i don’t want that card to be a staple of quad colored decks.
Thank you for reading all that text from a random dude on the internet