The Hub 1.0: Bug Reporting


Suggestions about “comments” in Decks (probably also Guides):

  • Thanks for the support of emojis! It’s awesome. But they appear way too large (Example: , first comment)
  • I’m a big fan of emojis. Would it be possible to have a click/chose button for them ? (There is obviously no need for it as long as we know their codes, but would be a fun addition)
  • Basic formating for text doesn’t work on The Hub. It’s fine on the auto-posts on Boards (Compare previous link with this one: Aquablad’s Mid-Range Warstorm ). Any simple text editor like here would do I guess.
  • Don’t remember what page it led me on, but “posting” this comment redirected me on an error page, but successfully posted the comment.

Thanks for your work o/


I can’t move the Pandora coin or the practice coin to its slot…


Hi, congratz on the launch on steam and other platforms.

Music problems: I’ve deactivated the music but everytime i open the game i have to, first login and then go to the options where the game remembers i turned off the music so it mutes it.


Fixed on the last update, good thing :+1: :smiley: .


Rakoan Illusionst is able to target creatures other than other rakoans


Using any internet browser except Tor the guide writer doesn’t work that well for me, I can type and copy in text but all the menu buttons (such as text formatting, inserting cards and drawing lines) don’t do anything at all. But I’m sitting in Germany so maybe this issue can be region specific?