The hub's decks as formulas in the client

I think it would be awesome if you click a button on the a submitted deck from the hub and it would show as formula in the game client.
Or have a code that you can copy and paste and it would show it as a formula in the client.
It’s tedious to look at the website and then look up if you have the card and then back and forth.
There are already formulas so just make it so you can easy add the suggested ones on the hub


That would be neat :smiley:

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May be it could even go the other way. You could build your deck in-client and then share it on the hub. Makes much more sense to me than to manually find all the cards to share the deck.

Very nice idea! :slight_smile:

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And would be cool if we can see our collection from Hub. Like we login and check what we got and how much we need to invest to craft some cards of that specific deck we are looking or any other.