The latest changes to Emote muting

Regarding the latest changes to Emote muting:

In the client patch on October 26th, we neglected to mention one important change in the listed notes. Our patches often contain large amounts of changes and bug fixes, and from time to time something big slips by our noses and doesn’t get mentioned. Most of the time those unmentioned changes are relatively small, such as the change we made to the way Practice Coins are highlighted so they’re not so easy to miss.

While incomplete patch notes are a separate problem we’re taking steps to improve on, the particular important change we’re talking about here is in regards to the way players can mute Emotes.

The unlisted change was as follows:

  • The “Mute all emotes” button has been removed from the Settings menu
  • To mute your opponent’s emotes, you must right click on your opponent’s orb and select “mute emotes” to block them for the rest of the game.

First of all, we recognize there are a lot of players who were already attached to the settings menu option - or who want such an option to exist, regardless. This change is something we’ve, as always, put a lot of design thought into. We feel it’s worth explaining why we’ve done this.

Let’s start off with a real world example.

Imagine you walk into a game store and start playing any random friendly game against someone.
You might likely introduce yourself with a polite, “Hello!”
Now, imagine you receive no reply from this person. Just complete silence.

At this point, you’d probably be wondering: “Why?”

  • Is this person in a bad mood?
  • Are they too busy thinking?
  • Are they ignoring me?
  • Do I smell?

The rest of your gaming experience is probably lessened for the remainder of that match as you wonder if you remembered to put on deodorant that morning.

Let’s jump back into Faeria now.

The above example was previously a normal occurrence in Faeria games simply due to the toggle option merely existing. We don’t want to make people feel isolated or alienated by the fact that emotes exist. We believe the vast majority are trying to be friendly and interactive by using the emotes, only to end up being completely ignored when they otherwise might receive a quick, friendly reply.

We are certain that providing the option to dismiss the only global social interaction in Faeria entirely with a wide-sweeping toggle isn’t the right approach to build friendships and promote player interaction within the game.

Now, we do recognize that some players will try to abuse the feature or use it only in a negative way. However, assuming that everyone is potentially a jerk and wanting to protect yourself from them at all times doesn’t mesh with our philosophy of player interaction and friendship building. Our original goal for emote muting is not for players to be able to go into a “Do not Disturb” mode for emotes and shut themselves off from all interaction, but to give players an option to deal with those players who are annoying or negative with their emote use.

We’ll be actively looking at ways to automatically silence those players who tend to be routinely abusive or negative with their use of emotes. While we don’t want to get into specifics right now, know that it is on our mind and something we aren’t oblivious to.

In the meantime, muting players who are annoying you should remain extremely easy to do, and take a matter of seconds.

We hope you understand our position a little more after reading this, and thank you for taking the time to do so.

  • The Faeria Team

On a separate, more Yakky note, we’ve copied some of the emojis from our Discord over to the forums.



Honestly, I barely play this game any more and this doesn’t encourage me to get more active with it again.

Emotes suck. This is not like walking into a store or playing a game with a good friend. This is competitive play against strangers. It’s not even so much the fact that people might be abusive about this – I find it distracting when I am trying to concentrate on my game and someone I don’t know is sticking things on the screen.

A greeting at the beginning of the game, fine. But after that? I wouldn’t chat at someone or make faces at them while they were pondering a chess move. Why should I want it here?

Why couldn’t you simply provide another setting called “Allow initial greeting”? This is what, 10 lines of code?

You cannot force people to be social, only to be annoyed. Removing this option entirely reflects a disrespectful “we know better than you do” attitude that will not help this game prosper.


All this means is that I’m going to click mute every game instead of having a setting that persists between games.


So in a nutshell you ended up doing what everyone else is doing for exactly the same reasons. :wink:

The reasons make sense of course and an individual mute was needed in any case, still it’s one more of these occasions where you take an unusual path (by allowing a global mute) and I’m wondering if you decided to go against the grain for a change, and then you change your mind shortly after.

It’s really not a big deal to just mute at the start of each game if you are absolutely opposed to emotes (or say a greeting, then mute). However, I think Qeltar also has a really important point here. It is very easy to abuse this by distracting your opponent in an actual critical situation. Faeria requires a lot more thinking and on-the-board actions which can be disturbed by this and this is not a situation in which you want to bother (or even have the time) to mute the person. This has been an annoyance for me in other games, but I expect it would be far more severe in Faeria.

Emotes are not like subtle chat messages you can easily ignore, they pop up big on screen and even overlap part of the board if I’m not mistaken. Some measures to avoid abuse may be required. An extreme one would be to only allow emoting during your own turn. I would also prefer small faces over large text boxes and ideally show those faces above the avatar rather than overlapping the board.


I for one would appreciate the emotes being displayed with the icons plus the text. But I understand that some (lots of?) people don’t like them or just prefer to not being interrupted.

Just having the following different options shouldn’t be that hard to implement:

  • Enable emotes by default.
  • Can disable them by clicking the opponent’s orb in each game. (yes, that’s the one we have right now)
  • Disable emotes by default.
  • Can enable them by clicking the opponent’s orb.

And, in case you add the icons and/or text, two checkboxes within the options:

  • If emotes are enable, show…
  • Text
  • Icon
    (Unchecking both would be the same as disabling them by default; so in case of two check boxes, you could rid the suggested seperate option to globaly disable them)

I know it’s usually hard to please everybody at the same time. By giving each player the option to choose the prefered settings as detailed as possible, it should be rather easy to do, though. :wink:

I was wrong the emotes don’t appear to overlap the opponent’s board at all, so that makes it much harder to abuse it. Especially if there is no pesky sound effect to go along with it.

Good morning!

I dont mind my opponent emoting, but I still had it disabled when there was an option for it.
The reason is that sometimes when you hover over your orb to place things the emote-screen comes up and then you right click to get rid of it but then you also cancel your placement and its all just really akward. :frowning:

I would much prefer if i had to right-click my orb to access the emote-screen! That would help a lot :slight_smile:


I loved the way Faeria handled the emote thing. Disable all emotes is one point i ´m wishing for in other bigger DTCG. Please dont get too homogenic with all the other games out there. be special and go your own way. thats what making this game great for me. pls bring the disable option back. thx :slight_smile:

It’s somewhat awkward UI to begin with that you left click on your orb to emote, but right click on opponent’s orb to squelch.

This isn’t working at all. Sometimes I get “reactivate emotes” on a player I didn’t mute before, and other times a player should be muted (I double checked after the game starts that it said “reactivate”) but then the player gets to emote anyway and afterwards it says “mute” again. Or maybe it just resets after every game but doesn’t reset the option you get when you right click.

Definitely a known issue at this time, and not working as intended. Thanks for the report, we’re going to be fixing this as soon as we can.

sry in this case I do not agree with the change, understand the interests and why behind the decision, but do not think that really helps the game, just to create a community of kids behind

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if you’re that easily distracted, it might be a better deal to improve your concentration skills than to shield yourself… “give a man a fish, teach a man to fish” kind of thing.

there could be someone literally screaming in my ear and i’d be able to play the game at my best without problems… a skill which is incredibly useful in all aspects of my life.