The Masterlist: Everything You Need to Know About Faeria Strategy and Where to Find it

Hello everyone, I am ktrey.

I just recently started playing Faeria and can hardly claim to have mastered the game at anywhere near the level needed to teach anyone else.

However, I am avidly studying Faeria and have spent some time doing my research. This post is a list of all of the helpful guides, articles, videos, and even useful discord conversations screenshotted by yours truly. This will eternally be a work in progress and anyone is more than welcome to suggest any links I may have missed and advice that should belong here. Almost none of this is my own work obviously but who knows, as I get better I may include my own notes and commentary. For now it is just a list of all the community guides organized for your convenience.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

General Tips How to Improve at Faeria by J0k3se (If you are going to read only one article read this one) How to Improve at Faeria by J0k3se (Same article but posted on PlayFaeria. Linked for potential discussion in the comments)
Land Placement First Turn Strategies by Nightingale Being Second by Nightingale Land Evaluation at the Orb by Loader
Deckbuilding A biginners Guide to Deckbuilding by SquiddyBiscuit
Sample Decklists Nightingale R/B (From Discord)
Community Pages Subreddit Discord Channel Faeria Wiki (Not sure what is going on here. Seems outdated and dead) Gamers Origin (In french. Sadly I have to read it with google translate) Faeriaguide Faeriakick
Odds and Ends

A very good explaination of the strengths of R/B control

A basic overview of the current meta according to discord.

Snowstorm Lancer Discussion
Joyfulrouge on building decks from the codex (This is a really good guide for deckbuilding in the first couple days of owning Faeria)


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And thanks. :slight_smile: I am having some problems with uploading pictures from my phone. I browse discord on it so the screenshots might be a while. There was a comment in another thread here about R/B and what makes it so good that I will probably link to.
And a few decklists I see posted around.
I need to take a break from this though. Playfaeria has been giving me 4 days worth of trouble trying to post it and here I had to get out of new user first and fix all the broken links from copy pasta at least 3 times. :frowning:
I need to relax and grind the ladder for a while. I’ll update it tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve decided to pin this topic, as this is very useful information to new players. We will most likely edit this thread in the future with new guides and sites

I’d prefer you didn’t edit it as I will be.
It’s more my list of research than anything else at the moment. If it becomes too big for me to manage I will ask for help. But outside of spelling or grammar fixes I’d much rather work on it myself. It’s my little project and I will be posting a version of it on every Faeria related board I can find.
I support pinning it of course though. It will be helpful to people and that will make it easier to find.

And of course suggest anything you think I should add. :smiley:

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hahaha Thanks. It just seemed like the thing to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just want to say WOW and Thank You! Bookmarking this and hopefully will get some of my other friends to come here and check this out!

Haha no problem at all. Honestly I’ve been neglecting both faeria and this thread horribly. :confused:

I’ve just gotten back into the game so I am sure I’ll update it again :slight_smile:
If you have anything I should add let me know

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Just started playing, very useful links. Thanks very much <3

Is this thread still relevant with new updates?

I could make it so.
What do you want to know?
Tracking down links is pretty easy with the hub now though :stuck_out_tongue: