The person I just played had to be a bot

This person took no time to think about any move, and yet made the strategically “best” decision each turn without any hesitation, or highlighting over units. They lost quickly and only played neutral 1-4 cost minions the entire game… without gesturing once with any emotes.

by the way, I enjoy the game and am really glad to have discovered it for myself. Now surely someone who practices this game the same way a person solves a rubix cube is possible but I never see people work a rubix cube so incredibly fast and end up not solving it. I mean every turn they played things instantly. So is there a report system?

I doubt it, it’s very easy to plan your moves during your opponent’s turn and then just rush them down. Especially if somebody was playing a very simple low value neutral deck.

If it was a bot that managed to make the “best strategic decision” every time that would actually be mighty impressive… it seems far more likely that a bot would just make random moves which make very little sense. Even this would be a fairly significant technical challenge, so I doubt that we are even close to an actual intelligent Faeria bot.

Not sure if it’s “very easy” to make the rightest call each turn, as you get to draw, and your opponent may have played things that will change your turn, but it’s indeed very easy to think of a fine play (meaning : a good one, with no obvious mistake, even if it’s not the best) during your opponent’s turn, if you don’t take into account your own draw. Especially with a neutral strategy (Y, rush neutrals are pretty much auto-pilot decks). This way you can play fast and, I guess, finish a quest fast as well (full neutrals aren’t really good decks, so I believe it’s for the quest)

Good point, the opponent most likely had the neutral quest and just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. It’s a bit of a bummer when this happens of course, since that’s not really what quests are meant to inspire.

No you don’t get it. I’ve queued against this bot 4 times now. He puts all his 3 mana neutrals down on land. Even though the battle cry is “gain 2/2 for every adjacent enemy” he puts it near his bubble. no hesitation, same thing every game. Bot

By best I just mean it moves it’s pieces and attacks weaker enemies. I thought maybe it was some super genius after the first game (an idiot savant) but nah.

the quest wouldn’t have him repeating it over the course of 3 hours this way

edit: 4+ hours…

Can you email me via with details of your match, please?

probably got the daily quest for playing neutrals and just wanted to get it over quickly… i do that every now and then.