The Rain in Spain gives me a pain

Were all of you sitting around late one night with blood alcohol levels above the recommended range when someone piped up, “What this game needs is a very silly card that increases the randomness of the game and totally unbalances the Gift of Rakoa!”? Because I can think of no other explanation for the Rain of Fish. If you must keep this card in the game, I have two suggestions for balancing:

  1. Change gift of Rakoa to read “Give target creature +1/+1 for every green card in play”
  2. Have the raining fish die upon striking land immediately, rather than at the end of turn. Lands in this case would include lakes.

I would probably recommend option number 2, but I still don’t think this card adds anything to the game.

or just rework the rain of fish completely

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who using this cars anyway?
and also rain of fish I don’t see much