The Roguebook Kickstarter is LIVE!

Enter an ever-changing world full of legendary encounters and stories. Craft your cards, assemble the perfect deck and defeat the Roguebook itself… or die trying.

Roguebook is a single-player roguelike deck-builder that takes place in a procedurally generated world.

An alpha version of Roguebook is already available! Pledge any amount and you will receive access within the next 24 hours!

Play as Sharra, Seifer, Aurora, and Sorocco and explore the dangerous pages of the Roguebook.

Roguebook Recruitment Program

Help us spread the word about Roguebook, and earn rewards!

For each recruit that uses your unique link and ends up pledging at least €10 to our Kickstarter, you can earn FREE stuff!

###Recruitment rewards

  • 1 Recruit - We’ll put your name in the credits in a special ‘recruiter’ section!
  • 5 Recruits - You earn an extra Roguebook game key!
  • 25 Recruits - You’ll upgrade your extra Roguebook game key to a Premium key!
  • 50 Recruits - Recruit this many people, and we’ll automatically upgrade to the VIP Pledge tier.

Thank you for supporting us and sharing our newest game.

  • Team Abrakam

Ok, this looks totally and utterly awesome!

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