The Tree of EverLife decks unbalance the whole game

There are two decks that now win in the advanced levels… The first is a yellow rush deck the other is a BG tree of everlife deck. It’s a race to survive or to see who gets the first tree. End game. End diversity of play.( It’s nice that they nerfed the wishes decks… cause that was boring and predictable too.) The tree is simply way too powerful. It needs herring.
The immunityto damage I can handle but the +7/7 to every green card , every turn is just stupid. How about one turn ? Or + 3/3? Furthermore, maybe it either needs to be vulnerable to attacks like grappling hook and soul drain too not just anti structural attacks. I know it’s expensive in terms of land but it’s not that hard to get that land with other cards. Currently, I see that card played and I quit. It’s predictable. Unless you can kill it immediately it’s game over. Even then there’s a very good chance you will lose. I hate it. It’s lazy thinking … anyone else?


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Sure it’s a bad design card and too powerfull.

I immediatly create a deck with when it was available and win vaste majority of my game.

I think that decrease the land needed but a +1 +1 or +2 +2 every turn can be more fun.

You have to focus the tree that is fun cause you must adapt your strategy but It’s not just over cause you see the Tree.

In fact all the extension is broken.

Swallow (flowee ou whales) and frogtosser kill the game. I can see them everywhere.


IMO the best option for the tree is +7/+7 randomly split every turn and if face takes damage, damage goes to tree (so if you do dmg > 7 to face tree dies)


Yeah. I would also like to see the tree nerfed. The +7/7 to creatures that probably cost like 5 faeria is just unbeatable

I would also like to see a nerf to rush decks. Like a feature that makes it harder to damage each other in the really early game.

I also agree with iHateWin@ with the frog tossers, they just deal to much damage + the actual frog with to little cost.

MrHappy360@'s idea i think is the best solution for the tree problem. It would make it not as op but still viable (ish)