The Triple Challenge - Done!


Today we were challenged :slight_smile:

Quite fun, here is a video of how I managed to do it!

J0k3se playing Faeria. The Triple Challenge - YouTube

Great videos, thanks.

I think it would be a fun way to revisit all bosses if the community could set other creative restrictions.

E.g, the first 6 bosses, with only rare cards allowed.

Get a ‘challenge of the week’ thread going maybe…


That is an amazing idea! I would sign up for that in a heart beat! There wouldn’t even need to be incentives, just bragging rights! Examples of challenges could be “win three ranked battles in a row with krog”, or “run the final survival battle with a mono deck of each color”. You can get pretty creative with this if you want to. It reminds me a little of some daily challenge suggestions from this post: A veteran’s view on Faeria and Incentives just a lot more hardcore and complex.

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