This game has completely replaced Hearthstone for me

This might not seem like much of a statement at face value, but I was playing HS daily long enough to have golden heroes for all 9 classes. But as more and more expansions came out, I could no longer accept HS’s slide into mindless RNG that no tactics could be applied to.

I tried other ccgs such as Eternal and TES: Legends, which I liked, but they didn’t have anything that really sucked me in. The extra level of tactics required to make the appropriate choices for creating board tiles along with a mana system where the player retains his unused mana really makes this game for me.

The real kicker for me, though, has to be the huge amount of content that can be played in solo mode. There are so many times when I just want to be able to fire up a game and be able to walk away from it temporarily for any reason without being on a timer. I like PvP too, but I really appreciate having the ability to just play against AI. This is something that Hearthstone barely provided, and then all but eliminated when it got rid of its Adventure expansions.

It doesn’t hurt that in addition to the gameplay I really enjoy, the game is very polished in terms of artwork and UI. In fact, the only thing I can complain about is a minor quibble: the Mythic version of cards is neither animated, nor has alternate art, but is a cluttered design that imo looks worse than the regular cards.

Tonight the $50 I would have normally dropped on Hearthstone (continuing to support a game I no longer enjoyed playing, which has unfortunately been the case for quite awhile), I’ve put toward Faeria. I did this not because I want to “pay to win,” but to support my new ‘go to’ game for entertainment.

Looking forward to a future playing Faeria on a regular basis.


Very happy that you too enjoy Faeria! :slight_smile:

Did you get any cool legendarys yet? :slight_smile: What is your favorite card?

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I’m glad that you are enjoying the game so far! Don’t forget to disenchant your Mythics to craft new cards - my main quibble with the game has always been that not enough quests reward memoria, but, luckily, Mythics give more of it when disenchanted, compared to ordinary cards.

One of the best things about Faeria is the ongoing support. You already know that the Hub is absolutely brilliant. :wink: . But there are also monthly ladder rewards, and tournaments to participate in (or watch)

I have also noticed that, both here and on the Steam forums, there are lots of people saying how much they enjoy Faeria and how they want it to do well. The game has the most dedicated community of any CCG out there!


@J0k3se Indeed I’ve gotten some nice legendaries: Garudan, Seifer, Aurora, Khalim from opening packs. I crafted quite a few Epics and Tethra for a MonoGreen deck (also run Ruunin in there which I opened up too). I have a few other fun ones too that I’ll sometimes put in my decks.

It’s a boring pick, but I think my favorite card right now is Syland Horsemaster. My first serious deck was a version of Aquablad’s Guards of War deck I watched on Youtube which runs 3 of them (I believe). I then decided to put two in my MonoGreen deck for extra reach. Similar to using a buff card to trade up on an opponent, I like the ability to be able to suddenly reach a position that allows for a favorable trade using the Horsemaster. It’s likely not something an opponent considers playing against a MonoGreen deck. So far Blue is the only color I haven’t really gotten into too much (recently created a casual Blue Green Sacrifice deck).

@Nettlesoup I dusted my extra Mythics not too long ago when I ran out of dust and picked up another 300 or so. Sitting on that until I decide to play a deck where I’m missing a few of the epics.