This games win conditions are out of control

Ulanis medallion with eredon? Copying swarming carrisius? Famine with ruby yak spam? burn decks that have enough damage to just outright kill you if you dont have healing? This game was at its strongest before any expansions. The devs are right to abandon this busted up piece of i dont see how they could fix this and adding more cards is just going make it even more of an out of control luck fiesta. Any game with decent ranked players feels like its just a toss up if i have the right kind of cards to deal with what ever crack pot of overpowered ■■■■ they brought. And because the overpowered ■■■■ is so diverse it’s hardly plausible to strategize around your opponents moves as even 5, 6, even 7+ turns in you barely have enough information to determine what kind of win condition they might be trying to establish.