This is getting really annoying

Hi there, especially GMs.
Got matched against D*rkDreamer again. He is still there ? Even with your last policy update ?
Good thing is, it gives me the time to write this. Bad thing is… I will loose again half an hour because he is not banned yet. He will rope every single turn until the end of the game, as he has been doing for weeks now.
Please, just do your job and get rid of him.


You mean months, right?

What I wonder is - how the f*ck is Darkdreamer himself (or herself?) enjoying the game?

It has been suspected by a few that DarkDreamer is a bot

But I haven’t played against him myself so I’m probably wrong :slight_smile:

Hi everyone.

I’ve played against him/her many times. Very very annoying indeed ! The two last times were the eightth and the eleventh of january in ranked games (but he was playing as casual…). I’m sure now that he or she is not a bot !
The gameplay was different in my two games : defensive play, he played mid-range and summoned a creature near my orb - I lost this game ;-((( - ; rush game, he gave up quickly when i played my creature in front of his orb !
But, whatever, it’s always painfull to play with him/her

Fortunately, he is the only one player like that and I keep having fun playin’ Faeria.

Seeya, guys !

No, I’m pretty sure he isn’t a bot.

I know he is at this for months though, which is kinda crazy.

There are some chess games that last six hours, and Grand Masters (people who played thousands of hours since they childhood) definitely make great us of that time.

In Fearia, tactical combinations are much shallower, mainly due to the randomness of cards draw, but they still require quite some brain power, to calculate lethal, trades, deathclock ; faeria also requires you to make statistical inference to forsee the potential answers of your oppoent and their likeliness.Finally, every decision matters on the long run, especially (but not limited to) land placement, so you can ponder strategic decision for ages.

I’m not advocating that we should all rope, I mean to answer
“how the f*ck is Darkdreamer himself (or herself?) enjoying the game?”
I think with all the choices we’re given, it’s very possible for a human who ropes every single turn to still enjoy the game, if he dives deep into it (and ropes because of that).

Now, there’s also the issue of not dividing the (small) player queue, which implies the community can’t be given as many time control option as in a chess website for example. As an online game, Faeria proably works best on short time control (say half an hour for a close game that ends into fatigue).

From a players perspective, it can be perceived as BM, but I find it hard for a game moderator to blame someone playing by the letter of the rules. Sure, it can fall under the
" Participating in any action which, in the sole and exclusive judgement of Abrakam, is designed to lower the enjoyment of other players in the game, or intentionally “grief” them"
Rule of the code of conduct, but a roping player can just argue that he is not intentionally lowering the enjoyment of other players, that he is just using the time he is given because he considers he needs it. He can get a warning, but if the rules don’t change, I think the issue will persist, someone will occasionally rope, either to fully use the time he is given, or simply to increase his winning chance through frustrated surrenderings, just because he has been given the ability to do so.

I can think of two changes which may reduce the pain of queuing against roping players :

  1. Adding the ability to play several games at once. Probably just one multiplayer and one singleplayer game at once, to limit farming and backfiring, and giving the priority to the multiplayer game, ie. when ever it’s your turn you jump back into the game (and are unable to see the singleplayer board) in order to not create more roping than it solves.

  2. Different time control. Rather than a fixed time per move, a pool time and an increment. For example (numbers are probably off), you start with a two minutes pools and get 1:30 each turn. Assuming currently you get 2 minutes per turns, that format would overall make the maximum duration of a game shorter, while not changing much the experience of players who play fast when the play of a turn is obvious. It would even allowing rush or combo players to take more time on critical moment of the game. The big downside is that time becomes a ressource to manage : currently when I start roping, I know I have to start making the best play I’ve thought of without seleave you with less available time for the next and possibly the subsequent turns. That aspect of that time control is not a problem in cempetitive tourney (when there even may be no increment), but can be less enjoyable than the current time control.

I agree with you if it comes to the midgame, but DarkDreamer does it on the very first turn too - when he goes first.

I really don’t mind if it happens in the mid- or lategame, on a complicated board (Faeria is actually far more complicated than chess, but chess has no unknowns and thus you can spend a lot of time calculating things).
I do play chess at a club level, and I’d say what DarkDreamer does is like waiting twenty minutes before making his first move, and then another twenty minutes before making his second.

And him again…

4xel. No offence but are you friend with him ? Did you ever play him ? He is OBVIOUSLY in full BM mode, hesitates on which play to do for 3 sec - you see the tiles highlight - then play and wait for the rope for 1 minute. I did not see him end a turn early even once when I played him… And don’t even try to explain us he streams and explain plays on T1…
So please keep your comments that are completely off topic tou yourself.

Aasgier and LordBaloo, thanks for the clarification, I’ve also read other post and I get a better picture of the character. Still, I’m not sure whether a ban would be justified, sufficient or even useful.

LordBaloo, sorry, but I find it quite offensive that you basically said me to STFU when I’m just giving my opinion on a public forum. If anything, I could be the one wondering whether public lynchage and use of rude language at GMs (who might even not read this) is suitable in the general section of this forum, when you could also have directly email the support team to make a report.

And no, I don’t know this player (I mostly play ranked, in the 1-10, and from what I’ve read in other posts, he mostly plays causals and is bad at the game). I made assumptions based on the meager informations I had, and talked about roping in general. I never said he was not a griefer and it never was my point.

And my point stands : rules and mechanics have to change. Say DarkDreamer is banned today. So what?? You really think he won’t make an alt account? Use a computer from work, school, or a proxy? Do you really think this is the last griefer Faeria will ever see? Worse, you know just like me that even if he eventually gets banned, it won’t be today or tomorow.

My (second) suggestion, and I’m not the first one to make it, is basically to add a time bank, akin to those in chess, whose impact would almost solely be shortening the maximum duration of a game, id est the duration of games against ropers. For example, this suggestion is much better and more detailed than mine :Multiplayer time limit - how is it for you?

Even better (and something I forgot to add), time banks makes it far much easier than the current time system to identify BM roping, which could not only help the mods, but could even solve the problem without even their intervention, by sending an automatic message like “please do not intentionnally abort or disconnect from games or make your opponent wait unnecessarilly. Your account may be restricted if you do not follow our fair play policy”, and a similar message to his opponenent like “Your opponent may have violated our fair play policy and may have his/her account restricted”.

Regardless of the time control, these automatic messages alone, if they can be implemented (and they have been in other games), can deter griefers (and at worse helps identifying them), and relieve players who face them.

Now please read me before answering me

Hi all,

Quite happy to see this is still living :wink: Let’s keep it.
Hopefully you did not meet this DD opponent yesterday !

Then for some clarification.

1 - Should toxic behavior be banned (especially when it’s clearly against the game policy) ? I think yes. Trying to justify this kind of behavior is just wrong.
Then, this is really far from public lynchage, as this player (or bot, I don’t care) is well known by the community. This situation has been going on for months already, is well known, and I thought it was time to bring some light to it in order to try to make things move. We all know how making a bit of noise on forums can help with it. This was my only goal, and nothing else.

2 - There are many ways to be offensive. One of them is to speak in a direct manner (sry, I am not a native English and subtility is not my forte). Another one it to produce a well written wall of text without knowing the topic, with a condescending tone. I find the second one more offensive personnaly (even if this is quite subjective I admit).

3 - [Bad habits kicking in] I agree, we should not try to prevent offenders, anyway they will do it again. Most of the time I like to believe ppl can reform, and that trying to ban him for a week+ might make him think a bit. I may be a fool though. (btw, grindind the cards to have a decent deck after a perm ban takes time if it’s a bot).

5 - I did not read messages again ofc. But I am always happy to read suggestions for the game, especially when they are in the appropriate section. (really, I do read them, and I love this game, even if my game experience is really bad when I meet this DarkD troll).