This is my balance suggestion

Hi, I’m Donpork and this is my balance suggestion.
Current balance is pretty stable now but game can be boring so we need to shake the meta.


Imperial Drain - Change to 1 cost
Queen’s guard and King’s guard - change to 3/5
Sky whale - change to 7cost


Feed the forest - 3forest , change to “gain faeria equal to my green creatures cost and draw a card.”
earthcraft - change land request to 1F3W


gabrian commander - change to “3/2 aquatic, when you draw a 7cost card gain flying and +2/+1”


flame burst - change land request to 3M
Gift of steel - give +3/+2 to combat creatures instead +3/+3
groundshaker - change to 5/5
firestorm - change to 7cost


khalim’s prayer - change to “gain 2 faeria and each player draw 1 card.”
flash salmon - gain divine keyword.
khalim’s training - change to 2cst
wind soldier - gain divine keyword.
shaytan demon - deal 3 damage to yourself instead 2
zealot crusader - 4cost 0/4 , gain +2 attacks when you attack a god (in decks, in hands, in board wherever)
Manta rider - change to 5/2


sky yak - change to “you can summon +1 additional sky yak than last summon.”
frogtosser - change to 4/3
three wishes - 0cost, copy the 3cards of enemy’s deck.(none cost reduce)

how about this? I did not think deeply so don’t be serious too much :slight_smile:


The divine and crusader changes are interesting, I like them. Prayer still seems very strong. The sky yaks change may buff them if you draw 2 of them in hand, don’t need to wait for them to die before summoning anymore.

Would like to see more buff for bad cards, especially multicolour ones like behemoth and apex.

How about Groundshaker deals 1 damage to enemy creatures next to it?

Agreed with: Imperial Drain, Feed the Forest, Sky Yak, Flame Burst, Gift of Steel, Khalim’s Prayer, Flash Salmon, Khalim’s Training, Wind Soldier, Zealot Crusader, Manta Rider, Sky Yak.

So let’s talk about the others:
The King’s Guard and Queen’s Guard, while very strong, I don’t think they are as much of a problem with the Gift of Steel nerf. I’d make them require 2 Wild Lands instead, so they can no longer be played Turn 2 (at least not in your opponent’s face).
Skywhale would still be very strong. I think I would leave its Faeria Cost alone, instead going for the 2F/2L/2M/2D/2W land requirement route. Alternately, I’d scrap Swallow and do something else with the card. Maybe make it a cheap huge-value creature that can’t collect (like a 4 Faeria 6/7 with Charge 3).

Gabrian Commander: I do not think this card needs a change right now. It’s a powerful card, but no more.

Groundshaker: Same as Gabrian, really. Let’s not nerf any card that’s just good.
Firestorm: 7f!?? I don’t think it would see any play anymore at that, it’s quite rare at 6f already. Sure it’s powerful but I attribute that more to a lack of healing than anything else.

Shaytan Demon: If you deal 3 self damage, you start burning yourself down pretty much faster than you can damage your opponent, which is kinda crazy.

Frog Tosser:

I think I would do something like this.

In regards to Three Wishes, I agree it sucks currently. I think I would just reduce its Faeria Cost by 1 and see where it goes alongside the Skywhale change above.