This is not hearthstone

I saw several posts about faeria becoming too casual and similar to hearthstone. As someone who have played hearthstone since 2014 ( started around the release of naxxramas) i can say with 100% confidence that the two games are vastly different. Hearthstone is way more simple on so many levels, from the game board and creature’s abilites to resource management. I don’t know how complex was the original game but this version is complex enough to be deep but simple enough to be understood by newcomers rather easily. So if they changed the game they did it for reasons of accesibility BUT the game is still the most complex card game ever (yes even more so than MTG, i also played that game). All in all the devs managed to find a balance between complexity and accessibility)

And let’s not forget the beauty of the art and music of the game.So good:)


True ! I agree with you about choices of gameplay, Faeria really needed some simplification to be accessible to more players.
And Faeria Art is trully a great part of what gives character to this game, in my opinion. But concerning that last point, I got a little worried when I saw new card’s artworks in June 30th’s update. Isn’t the hand-drawn/poetic art style slightly shifting ? (I created a topic to begin a discussion about that question,with some elements - such as card’s artworks comparison - and some personal thoughts… Don’t hesitate to read it and to give your feelings :relaxed:).

Similar questions could be asked about UI’s art style : I know morning/evening/night cycle was far too much complicated for much players, but if we could put ancient UI’s screen capture vs new UI’s screen capture, ancient one looks more poetic and deep to me (the sun/moon clock in mosaic, the snow on lands, the map, etc…). But I hope changes will occur in new UI to give it again the character it had before (without changing gameplay).

In June 30th’s update, ambient sounds were added : I think it’s a good step.


You may notice oval borders around some of the cards with more primitive/simple looks to them - these are placeholders created by lead artist Jen, until the rest of the art team finishes the true concept and illustration for each.
I’m not sure if you’re referring to this or something deeper, but just wanted to make sure this was clear :rubyfish:

The dance between complexity/simplicity has been something the team has focused incredibly hard on during Faeria’s development since 2013.

You’ve hit the nail on the head for the design goals here. As a player of “old” 2013 Faeria myself, the current version is leaps and bounds ahead of where we were back then. Add a “living board” to any card game and you already have one of the most complicated turn-based games available. Throw in Faeria harvesting and a Power Wheel and you’ve already increased the potential sequences per turn into the gazillions.

The important part is that players don’t feel overwhelmed by this, and I think at this point we are in a pretty comfortable spot.

Thanks for the feedback guys.!


Thank you so much for your answer :hugging:
No, I was aware that oval-bordered pictures were Jen’s first concepts for card’s art (which I find very poetic). In another topic that I created not long ago, I was just wondering why (to my opinion) there was so much differences between June 30th’s update new card arts and other final arts that were showed in previous updates : it seems to me the hand-drawn style was much more present in, for example, “Deepwood Grizzli”, “Everbloom Wisp”, “Ancient Boar”, “Azure Wisp” (and a lot of others), than in “Flame Spitter” and “Khalim’s Follower” (among others).
I can’t be more precise here because it is not really the topic, but I explained all that much more precisely (with examples) in the topic “Faeria Art - Cards - Is the hand-drawn style flying away ?”.

Thank you again and good evening :slight_smile:

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