Thx for the match!


first time i have seen someone using this kind of tactic, thx for the match and showing me that there is more to this game than the average stuff you see in nearly each match.

another reason why the devs should implement a replay feature.

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What was the tactic?

hard to explain since i am not sure if i get everything down, replay would help…hinthint@devs

he used some 1/1 flys to inflict damage on himself which come back at random places after they died, to raise the damage of some of his later played cards
while casting out later on spells to heal himself and a 10/10 creature which healed him too.
at the same time i thinkthe spells gave him cards too which raised the damage/life of other cards he played later on.

i never encountered these cards so far and it was a pleasant surprise to see something new.

Sounds like this

yeah, not sure if he used exact all the cards from that deck but it was pretty similar.

There are definitely a lot of cool decks and tactics in this game. I find watching the monthly cup as well as watching streamers have shown me some new and interesting ways to play the game.